Me: "hey cutie.  How does it feel to be two?"
D: "shree" (three)

Me: "what are we going to do for your birthday?"
D: "nothing because I'm a third child and my mother has become too lazy to throw parties for toddlers that won't remember them."

Me: "what did you get for your birthday present?"
D: "nothing.  In fact, my mother hasn't even bought me anything yet because she is lame."

Ok, so maybe she only answered the first question like this, but it sure was cute.  The other two are just sadly true.

Me: "is that cake good?"
D: "(condescendingly) um..it's cake.  Duh"

Icing.  Yes.  She is soooo her mother's child.

Me: "hey boo, whatcha' got there?"
D: "a light-up, talking disney princess vanity set complete with hair straighter, working blowdrier, perfume, and jewelry that you took me to Toys R' Us to buy today"

(ok that wasn't quite her answer either, but more truth.  really it went more like this.............)

Me: "hey boo, whatcha' got there?"
D: blablagobbledygookyaddayadda want wips (lipstick)?

Dear Boo girl,
  As your mother I just need you to know that you are the most wonderful little creature, and even though sometimes you behave like a wildabeast at high tea, I love your face off.  Thanks for being born.  I am lucky to get to be your mommy.

Happy Birthday Destruct-o-girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (p.s. It is unfathomable to me that she has been here for two years.  cheesy, I know, but true) 

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