So.........sorry again about it being so long since I've written. again.  but I have a really, for reals reason this time that is not just laziness.  Apparently lightening struck our home phone the other day (I know.  We still have a home phone.  Craziness, huh?  What is this?  1999?) and the poor modem got fried.  Kaputs.  Deadski.  So today (finally!!) the new one arrived and husband swooped in to save the day and set it up.  Because I do.not do electronics of any capacity besides the microwave.  It's a code I live by.  Keeps me from ever being too marketable in the career world.  It's been a long time since I've had to live without internet for an extended period, and I am obviously not in touch with how much I love the world wide web.  Dear online shopping, I've missed you.

    But the real point of what I was wanting to tell you is that yesterday we had someone take a few pics of my boys and they turned out so cute.  Look how sweet they were.  Yesterday
     And then this morning I decided to take a few more and.......................wait a minute. 
       What in the world?!  What is going on here?!  When did both of my boys get old enough to go to school?  Big school!  The kind where they go all day, and have homework, and learn about math and science and girls and funny songs about flushing your teacher down the potty, and meet girlfriends that they will want to kiss while their parents sit at home nervous, and make friends that they will go riding around with in cars at all hours of the night making their mothers want to faint with worry.  The kind where they learn to be independant and big and use a computer better than their mother.  The kind where they go to grow up until the day they move away.............................................................................I'm sorry.  Apparently I just dropped with a coronary infarction for a second there.  I'm back.  

    And I'm not sure if I have made this apparent yet, but I am sooooo that mama.  The one that cries about everything.  Seriously, snot running down my face inside of the school building, someone get that woman a sedative crying.  I cannot deal.  I will have to watch my children's high school graduation on video for fear of ruining the ceremonies with my wailing.  My own mother cried/cries about everything and I used to hate it so much because I didn't know how to deal with it, and now, I am Candy.  (love you mama!)  And my poor, poor Super G is me made over so he doesn't know how to deal with me crying except to cry too.  I have to work really hard to hold it together around him so he doesn't have to sympathy cry with me.  Turnanator on the other hand, my big strong, smart, awesome kindergartener, just looks at me like "what is your problem crazy lady?!".  He is so his father's child.  

    So all that being said, I hated today.  I hated getting up early and I hated dropping my boys off for the whole day and I hated that Destruct-o-girl missed them the whole time.  But like anything else, give me a week and I'll adjust.  I'll be pumped about all that time that I can spend cruising the aisles of Lowes dreaming up new projects with only one kid in tow.  I'll be pumped about the awesome nap I can get while destruction lies to recharge it's batteries.  And I will for sure be pumped about not having to share the big tv with anyone fighting over Super Mario Brothers.  It's the little things I guess.  

    I just need to put this out there before I can go tonight - I know that the pick up carpool line at our school is weird and crazy and reflicted, but if you were one of the nummyheads that skipped to the front of that line today and you think that behavior is going to continue....................You got another thing coming.  Us carpool moms are crazy.  Psycho, crying, harmonal, tired, hungry nutbags just waiting on a poor soul like you to cut in front of us and bear our wrath.  So if you did that today - be scared.  We are after you.  (OK, I may not take you down but I will totally get mad and think bad thoughts about you.  I might even tell on you to a teacher.  How you like that you dirty skipper?!)

    I know this is go time for most schools in the area so I want to wish everyone good luck and hope all of ya'lls experiences go really well.  And I hope you don't get snot on your shirt.  Because nobody thinks that cute.  Even kind-of.  I wouldn't know that from personal experience or anything, though.
Jennifer Ensor
8/8/2011 10:42:39 pm

I was crazy about the pick up line at preschool so I can't even imagine kindergarten. Vail starts on the 22. It has yet to be determined if I will be a blubbering mess. I have kind of been in denial for a LONG time.

8/9/2011 12:37:59 am

I totally understand! I'll be the same way! My stomach already gets in knots thinking about "that day"! You can be sure there will be another mom in Davis's class that will be just as ridiculous! Your boys were such cute babies, but just as cute all grown up! And, I'm really glad to know that I'm not the only person who refuses to learn anything technology related!!

Karen S.
8/10/2011 12:35:41 am

You know I am so glad to know I am not the only person in the world that is by choice technologically challenged. I was home alone recently. All the kids at school & I turned on the tv. We have Directv so we have 2 remotes. Somehow, I got the tv on but changed the channel without doing something before that & the tv goes all snow & loud & im trying to get it back on the picture & all I could think was "If Neely were here I would not have this problem!!" I was totally in a panic! And wishing my 7yr old was here to calm me down & fix everything. I am such a sad loser. :)

7/27/2012 09:17:19 am

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