Sing it with me now ------  Schooooooooooooooool's.OUT.FOR.SumMer.  Thank you Alice Cooper for giving me that song to think of every time May comes around.  You rock.  And thank you school for being over!!  It's our first official day to sleep in with not a care in the world, and!  I have no responsibilities.  I don't have to worry about fitting in naptime between preschool pickup and kindergarten pick up.  No one has to get dressed or brush their hair or put on shoes.  Ahhhh.  This is my happy place.  This is the time of year I encourage my kids to stay up late because then they will sleep late in the morning.  This is the time of year that no one's clothes ever match and my boys never have on a shirt.  And - judge me all you want - but this is also the time of year that my kids may or may not only get a bath once a week on Saturday night.  (gotta be clean for church)  The swimming pool is clorinated water.  It counts.  Seriously, judge me.  I don't even care.  That's what makes me awesome. (p.s. don't be like me)  
    But this is also the time of year that I get itching to do outside projects.  Usually it starts earlier in spring, but we were still in recovery from the kitchen/dining room remodel then (my garage has yet to recover) so it has taken some time.  Now I'm ready.  I'm bubbling with anticipation.  I go out and sit on my driveway waiting on inspiration for boosting our curb appeal.  My mom is hopefully coming this week and we are going to rip out some bushes and whatnot out front.  And, without Aaron's knowledge at this point, I have a quote in the works for some shutters.  There's no need to stress the budget nazi out before I'm even sure if I want them, but right now my poor windows are just sitting there - staring at me - naked and pitiful.  Asking for my help.  Do any of you have any great ideas for a curb appeal boost that doesn't cost much money?  (again, I am married to the world's sexiest budget nazi)  Any suggestions are welcomed.  And what color goes with gray?  The house is a lighter gray with dark gray trim, and it's begging me for an accent color.  Seriously.  Every time I drive up the driveway I hear the pleas.  "Help me.  Accessorize me.  Decorate me."  So what goes with two toned gray?  Help me out.  Lay it on me.  Because I honestly cannot decide.  
    Thanks in advance for any help.  I've got to run because Destruct-o-girl is napping right now. (because we don't have school any more and I don't have to pick anyone up at 11:45.  woooo hoooo!)  I live for these few short hours.  The only time I can spend not following her, cleaning up after her, getting her off of furniture and tabletops.  So I've got to go.  Sit in my driveway and decide what color goes with gray.

Love you like a week with no baths,

p.s. again - you know when you're not sure how to spell a word so you stare at it until it doesn't even look like a word anymore?  Yeah, that's what happened to me and the word "gray".  I'm not sure if it's an "a" or an "e" and now I've looked at it so long that it no longer seems like the english language.  So whatever - you know what I mean.
5/23/2011 03:36:50 am

Navy blue, red, yellow all go with grey or gray. Loving ur blog. Keep them coming ;)

Lindsey H
5/23/2011 06:32:51 am

Maybe like a robin's egg blue (but not so bright).
So we can't sing it with you yet... Kade doesn't get out until June 2nd! :(
Hope ya'll have are doing well and have a super fun summer!

5/23/2011 06:40:13 am

I need to spend time with the nazi budget guy. My wife just had new floor beds installed along the back of our house after our additions on the house. We paid to have new ones installed and new flowers on the deck due to the walking track more people see the back instead of the front. She was actually going to invite yall over this past saturday for a cookout but we were too lazy. I cringe every time she has a thought now Big A has torn up a screen on the deck becuse he said it was hot and he was trying to open window to get air he was Hot!!. Please send budget guy to my house for a clinic

5/24/2011 03:57:10 am

Plum! Or yellow or red! But my ultimate vote is plum!!

7/26/2012 06:29:18 pm

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7/28/2012 11:08:19 pm

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