1.  Woke up late as usual.  (I am horrible at mornings)

2.  Pushed my kids out of the moving vehicle as the bell was ringing.  As usual.

3.  Went to CVS to coupon in the clothes I slept in and with hair that had not been washed since last Thursday.  Never be like me.

4.  Went to Walmart in the clothes I slept in and with hair that had not been washed since last Thursday.  Never be like me.

5.  Showered  (Yay!  Clap!  Cheer!) and attempted to dress like a person that cared.

6.  Took Destruct-o-girl, Turnanator, and his buddie Chalie (that's Charlie without the r because that's how we all pronounce his name for some reason) to Kroger to shop the mega-event.  It took a long time.  But I saved $104 supposedly so I guess it was worth it. 

7.  Rushed home, washed ball uniforms, put away groceries, yelled at boys to hurry up and get dressed for ball, and ate junk food.  Never be like me.

8.  Took kids to ballgame and wouldn't let Destruct-o-girl down the whole time because I wanted to watch my boys and if I put her down for one second without looking she would be halfway to Baldwyn.  She screamed the whole ballgame.  It was worse than it sounds.

9.  Flashed everyone at the ballpark.

10.  Threw together some random dinner stuff

11.  Received affirmation of my husband's love for me when he helped me fold the 8 loads of laundry on our bed.  (OK, so it was affirmation and the fact that he wanted to go to sleep and couldn't even find his pillow for the piles but I'll take it)

12.  Ate half of a package of raw nestle tollhouse chocolate chip cookies stuffed with caramel. 

13.  Felt guilt that I ate the cookies and wished I could force myself to throw up.

14.  Remembered how much I hate to throw up and ate another cookie.

    What's that?......You want to know why I flashed everyone at the park tonight?......Well during a particularly shrill meltdown by Destruct-o-girl that included writhing and gnashing of teeth, I walked around the crowd trying to calm and distract her.  It wasn't until 10 minutes later when I returned to my chair that I noticed my cute red, polka-dot, button-up shirt was not only unbuttoned, but pulled totally to one side.  I mean I for reals flashed some folks.  So all I have to say is, if you were at the the Booneville park tonight, anywhere near boys coachpitch field 1.....................................

                                                    You.     Are.      Welcome.

The end.

Never be like me,

5/11/2011 01:41:53 am

Ok, I have tears running down my face from laughing at you (well with you)!! You crack me up!!

5/11/2011 05:00:21 am

I love you, love you, LOVE YOU!!! You make me laugh so hard...cause you are living MY life, only in Booneville with two boys and a girl instead of two girls and a boy. Gah, I feel SO much better every time I read your blog, cause I think, "I'm NOT the only one who does that!!!" I love it, I love it, I love it...

5/11/2011 05:02:51 am

P.S. Rusty woulda just thrown the whole mess of clothes on the floor and slept without a pillow. Yeah.

Kimberly Wilson
5/11/2011 11:49:05 am

Isn't the point of a ponytail that we don't have to wash our hair daily?? I thought that is why it was invented and all the fashion magazines say you shouldn't wash your hair every day, so I say "follow what 'In Style' says" : )

7/29/2012 02:32:15 am

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