Me: Hey mama, you may want to read the comments under my blog post today.  Someone left a really nice comment about you.

My Mother (in a completely stoic voice):  OK.  Your blog is good.  Obviously people like it.  I wish you would use spell check.

    I know I am a terrible speller.  I am sorry.  I try.  I really, really do.  I even keep Microsoft Word open so I can type words I'm not sure about and run the spell check on them.  I still fail miserably.  Please love me anyway.  When I was in the seventh grade, I was the first person out of our spelling bee because I couldn't spell the word opera.  I spelled it O-P-R-A.  Please love me anyway.  The only B I ever made on any report card that I can remember was in spelling.  Please love me anyway.  The point is, I'm bad at it, but I have committed a humongeous offense.  I wrote a whole blogpost going on and on about my deepest love, and I spelled Cadbury wrong.  Seriously, I even added a photo with the word printed right there in front of me and still screwed it up.  Please love me anyway. 

    If you've been on this blog very much in the last two days you will know that it has been going through some changes.  My dear, sweet, awesome friend Jenn has been fixing it up for me, but we have had to change a few things up as we go.  So sorry if every time you are on here it has looked different - it's a phase I'm going through.  Kind-of like my new obsession with different colored eyeliners.     

     Because I love you and want to help a brother out, I hope tomorrow to have a give-away.  Maybe.  If we get our doings done tonight.  If you are local to Booneville and would love to have your vehicle washed and detailed, then stay tuned.  It just might be your lucky day.  

    Sorry for the randomocity.  Just a few things I wanted you to know

Love you like the wrinkle release setting on my dryer,

5/5/2011 06:39:07 am

I absolutely do love you anyway! Misspelled words and all!

5/5/2011 09:38:59 am

You are hilarious!!! I love reading your blog!! It ALWAYS puts a BIG smile on my face!! Keep up the good work....

5/5/2011 10:01:56 am

Dear Lady CaCa,

Your blogging skills are impeccable. You lift my sprits immensely!!!

5/5/2011 10:41:46 am

Don't worry. I misspelled school in our sixth grade spelling bee. (skool). Spelling is overrated. Spell it like it sounds. It makes it easier for everyone else.

5/6/2011 03:00:30 am

So glad you got your truck cleaned. It is so nice of you to help JOhnny out, and I'm sure you can keep him business! :) Congrast Johnny on new business.

7/28/2012 03:06:51 pm

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7/29/2012 02:00:52 pm

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