kindergarten fun with the teacher!
awards night at the end of first grade!
     This past school year, my boys and I were blessed with fantastic teachers for kindergarten and first grade.  Mrs. Eubank and Mrs. Martin were great to my guys and to me as a disorganized and slightly neurotic mother.  They kept me informed, they were patient with my little weirdos' quirks, and they were just plain out great at imparting all the knowledge that a six and seven year old should know.  Because let me just tell you this - if it were up to me to teach my children how to read, it would be a sad, illiterate day at the unemployment office when the time came for gainful employment.  So we love them now, our Mrs. Eubank and Mrs. Martin. 

    But this year was special.  Not only because we had great teachers, but because Super-G got to be in Mrs. Martin's class when one of the most exciting and important events of her life occurred.  It was no secret that Mrs. Martin and her husband had been going through fertility treatments for several years, and it was no secret that they very much wanted to be parents.  And pretty much everyone that knows them wanted the very same thing for them, because they would make a fantastic mommy and daddy to some lucky child.  Well, one fateful Thursday night in April they got a call that there was a baby in the NICU who needed parents to love her.  And in what was a whirlwind of a few days, they went from a feeling of despair and longing to a feeling of overwhelming joy that most of us will probably never know.  It's not that I didn't feel joy when my kids were born, because I was thrilled, it's just that having babies came so easily for us that I'm not certain I appreciated it for the miracle it was like the Martins did when their long awaited baby came into their lives.  She was tiny and had lots of growing to do, but she has been a little fighter and she has been thriving.  She has met every milestone as a preemie early, and in fact, is now home with her mommy and daddy and doing great. 

    Everyone that knows the Martins is thrilled for them, and we have all been following their story on their blog.  Which is why I wrote this today.  All of you that are "locals" already follow her blog, and many of you who are my friends on facebook have seen where I have shared some of her posts.  But there are many of you who read the blog who haven't had the privilege of getting to know about this wonderful family and amazing story yet.  So here you go!  Below I have given a link, and I highly recommend you click and read if you are in the market for some warm fuzzies and happy tears.  Warning - there will be lots of happy tears.  In fact, there have only been two posts so far that I have not had some level of snot running down my face.  And there are only thirteen posts so far.  So if you have the time, click back and start at the beginning.  It's just better that way.  Hope you enjoy!


I cherish that you simply reliably recognize the ponder and blessing of our life! I so appreciate you articulating the imaginative goodness of this life. Thank you for sharing your joy. The benefit of being bathed within the continually moving light of the day, the benevolence of outsiders as well as companions, and the quality of the human soul. Thank you sharing your perception of life! I adore this article. We all must reminding from time to time. I have seen wonders, experienced them, felt them and know they exist; however I waver and am frail in some cases. As well many people think miracles come from a God who works like a genie in a bottle; that’s essentially not the way it works. When the soul moves inside and you’re strong enough and decided enough to move forward, that as well maybe a miracle. Just another perspective.


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