1.  It sure is hot out here once you get moving around.  Is it possible that today is the day that my thighs rub together enough to wear a hole through my favorite pair of capri pants?  I sure hope not.  Not here at Kindergarten Field Day....................

2.  The last day of kindergarten....When did I get a first grader and a kindergartener?  They were babies yesterday.  Weren't they?  Wait a minute.....Am I crying at Walmart?

3.  Please don't wake up from your nap yet destruct-o-girl.  I'm almost done cleaning the whole back deck/patio/kitchen/pool and I really could do without your help..."WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE'S AWAKE?!!?  OF COURSE SHE IS GOING TO WAKE UP IF YOU GO IN HER ROOM AND TURN ON THE LIGHT TO GET A WIPE TO CLEAN YOUR FACE!!  HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF A PAPER TOWEL?!  WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU CHILD?!"

4.  What is up with birthday party ettiquet?  I never got the official manual on that and I'm just not sure what the proper procedure for siblings is.  Only one kid is invited but not old enough to leave alone, so what do I do with the other kids because daddy is golfing ummm... I mean doing yardwork?  Leave them in the car watching Disney movies for 2 hours?  It's a thought but diesel is too high.  Bring them and look like a cake and prize mooch?  Don't go at all and look like a jerk who doesn't do birthdays?  But what if that means no one comes to MY kids birthdays?!  They would be devastated?!  Freak!  Panic!!  -  Wait a minute.  What was I even talking about?  Oh - the three birthdays we have tomorrow.  Oh stink!  I didn't even think about presents.... Back to Walmart.

5.  Wow.  These shoe inserts are great.  My feet feel so much better today than they normalllllll.....What in the........ How old am I and when did I get so lame?

6.  What happened to this vehicle?  I'm pretty sure there is a homeless man living in the back making this mess.  I would never see him under the stuff if there was.

7.  That was it.  The last Cadbury egg until next year.  Finished.  They are gone.  Just like my youth, my old pants, and my ability to remember anything.  I wonder how many calories of just those I've eaten in the past two months?  Seriously that was a stupid thought.  Who even cares?  That would just be embarrassing and I'm horribly shy.

8.  I just straight told a lie.

9.  I have to go to bed before I drop this computer mid type  an zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
5/23/2011 03:16:27 am

Kirk Found and bought me 50 cadbury eggs for our anniversary. Yay! That means I can add 50 days until I am officially depressed or so sick of cadbury eggs that I won't want to see another til next Easter. Nah...depressed state in t minus 50 days. :0)

5/24/2011 04:00:41 am

Really? All of them?


Great Post


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