What's going on?  What's the hippy hap?  What's new with you?  Nothing really new here.  Pretty much I've been a no-blogging bum for a week.   It's just that school has started back and there is lots of life moving forward around here, just like for you, and I haven't taken the time or have been to tired to stay up for blogging purposes.  So tonight because there are no scouts, ballgames, work dinners or piano lessons, I wanted to give my peeps a shout out.  Holla!  Here's a few of the things I'm thinking about lately.

    You know how I have mentioned before the fact that I have a small home remodel addiction issue?  Yeah, I'm feeling the itch again right now.  I've been for weeks and weeks now trying to figure out just how we are going to add on a big bonus/play/crapola room so I could just shove Destruct-o-girl in there and wish her a good time, but alas, it's a no go.  Pretty much there is no where to go out the back because there is a swimming pool right out my back door that takes up the whole yard, both sides have no available space, and adding on to the front would be a challenge for aesthetic reasons, plus the hassle of joining a new roof to the pitch of the existing roof.  There's all that plus the tiny small detail that additions aren't free and and I forgot to water the money tree so it has withered up and died.  Also dear, sweet, wonderful husband was seriously not hearing "build an addition" at this point in our lives.  He loves me and is good for me because he is the only person on earth who can look at me and say, "please get real. No.".  I even went so far as to try and convince him to build a pool house in the back that could be for guests.  But then I found out how much it would cost to run electricity and plumbing out there and returned to reality. So all that being said - I believe the latest project I am going to embark on is rearranging everyone's bedrooms.  I think because I am just here - in this house - every second of my ever-lovin' life I feel this uncontrollable urge for change so I can feel like something productive is going on.  (I don't count laundry as something productive.  I count laundry as something deathly and awful and torturous.)  As we speak there are piles in every corner of the current playroom because it is about to get emptied and turned into the extra/storage/craft/engraving room.  I just cannot deal with all the toys being upstairs any more.  Destruct-o-girl is bored all day and needs them now, and I'm terrified if I let her go up there  alone she is going to follow through on her plans to jump off the balcony.  She drives me crazy but I do like her best in her current, non-spattered condition.  Then my boys are going to be moved to the upstairs bedroom, she will be moved to what is currently the boys room (so she can have her own bathroom), and what is right now her bedroom will become her lair of destruction.  I'm going to pad the walls and lock her in there and enjoy blissfull days where no one eats poison or puts my phone in the toilet.  (Not really, people, but it's a thought.) The boys seem excited even though I am having issues about them going upstairs.  I know.  It's dumb. I'm overprotective.  Judge me if you want.  But that's all I keep thinking about is, "what if the house catches on fire?!  how will we get to them so far away?!".  Overthinking and obsessive worry are a lovely genetic trait that I inherited.  Thanks Daddy.  Anyway, I've decided to take on all this shifting around this week and bless his heart, all Aaron said was, "just how much is this going to cost me?".  I love that tall, handsome, budget nazi of a good man.

(for the record I fell asleep last night in the middle of the previous paragraph with the laptop in my lap and decided to wait until today to finish.  words get a little cookey when writting by an unconscious person.)

    On a totally unrelated note, I have decided that being too fluffy to wear any of my clothes is a bummer, and yet exercising is way worse.  I totally fell off the wagon this summer with all three kids home, Aaron working all the time, no schedule, my love of cupcakes, etc., and all my pants are now sitting in my closet, unworn and lonely to prove it.  So my girl Molly and I are back at it.  Working out.  I die.  No for reals people - we ran last night and I literally thougt my boys were going to have to call 911 because my foot hurt so bad when I stood on it this morning.  Is that normal?  (Does that sound like a fat girl complaining?  Because that is basically what it is, but whew!  That joker hurt!)  As the day has gone on, though, it's better so just a minute ago we did the Cardio X workout from P90X.  While I was too out of shape and  too gelatinous to do all that without stopping, it was encouraging to think that maybe one day I will look like that red-headed girl on the video who never has to put her foot down between kicks.  NOT.  

    On another unrelated note, it's possible that Pinterest is the most awesome thing I have ever seen and yet the worse thing that could have ever happened to me.  It is yet another social networking site except that it is basically a virtual "pin board" where you can save every good idea, picture, recipe, outfit, book or whatever that you find on the internet onto your "boards".  Then you follow other people to see their stuff and they can follow you to see yours.  It is a creative person's heroine.  Just talking about it has got me jonesing for more.  But it is also a massive time waster.  I'm talking 3:30 a.m. surfing that junk.  And the whole time you are thinking, "I could totally make that!"  "I want to do that!" "I love that!".  But you know what?  You don't have time to do any of that because you just spent the last 17 free hours of your life searching Pinterest for cute ideas.  It's the age old question "the chicken or the egg" except it's "do you find cute ideas or do you actually just do something but with less ideas to work with?".  Right now I can't stop searching, looking, longing, thinking "I could do that!".  I'm going to have to treat myself like I do my kids with their DS's.  "No more pinterest for the rest of the week."  I would totally cry just like they do.  It's a problem.

    And on my last, totally and completely unrelated note, this past Labor Day weekend my family unit went to my parents' house for a visit.  It was my grandmother's 80th birthday and we partied it up hard-core.  There was cake for days, and lots of family came in from all over.  Even the cousins from Arkansas - SHOUT OUT!!!  And my mother (who is awesome about stuff like this) rented a water slide.  A big, humongeous, blow-up waterslide that has a bouncy house attached on the side with the ladder.  On Saturday the actual children played on it and Super G fell off the top, bashing his head on the ground and emotionally scarring him for a good seven minutes.  Then not two seconds later, Turnanator slid face first into his 12 year-old cousin's knee seriously loosening his two cute little front teeth.  Nice.  Luckily I guess they are still baby teeth.  And if that wasn't enough for a good time, the um...... big kids (my two brothers, my sister-in-law, Aaron, and I) decided to give it a try on Sunday afternoon in the torential pouring down rain. (p.s. - it was also not warm out).  It really was fun and that slide is a total hoss because if you put all five of us together, we would exceed the weight limit of a small commuter plane.  (two were skinny but three of us, not so much)  But please let me just say this, if you have had three C-sections in your recent past, you have no business jumping in the air and sliding down a gigantic water slide at the same time as your 6'6", 250 lb. husband.  You just don't.  Things get pulled.  And possibly herniated.  That is my piece of advice for today.


9/7/2011 05:42:01 am

Her own toilet to play in. Yay! :) I had the same dilemma except mine is there is a gas water heater between us and the boys. What if it blows up?

9/7/2011 12:12:42 pm

So I read your post about giving up Facebook for Pinterest. You know me, never one the not nose around at what others are doing. Got on Pinterest & am totally OBSESSED with it. Robby has accused me of having an online boyfriend which is totally gross, but it's all because, once I get on the website, I can't get off of it. I sat at work Tuesday thinking, "I wonder what is being posted on Pinterest....." I am so crazy, but it is absolutely the BEST stuff. Anyhow, thank you, this will be another topic for the His Needs/Her Needs class- "she won't come to bed because she keeps pinning stuff on a virtual online board!" But between me & you, I don't think they have come up for a good grounds for divorce for that, yet! ha! AND if you come by the church this week you will see your Facebook thought about Practice makes perfect on our sign because that saying was AWESOME & I kept saying it in my head for days so I just put it on the sign!!! :)


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