1.  My son said two hilarious things and I laughed all day about them.
2.  My daughter acted in a way that I can only describe as demonic.  Twice.
3.  I finally broke my husband and his streak of kindness when it comes to remodeling the house.  I gave in.
     It was not worth the marital strife.
4.  My face imploded, then exploded, then oozed.

    Second things first - I tried to cut Destruct-o-girl's razor sharp fingernails today, and it was nothing short of a miracle that we both made it out alive.  There was so much screaming and writhing and kicking and hitting and screaming and screaming, that I literally took it way, way personal.  Way.  There was no way she was winning.  I ended up pinning her down on my bed and holding her hand out, pinned with my elbow.  The whole ridiculous process took a good 20 minutes.  Insane.  Then she pulled the same stunt when her daddy tried to get her to go to bed tonight.  Head spinning.  Pea soup.  The whole thing.  So just out of curiosity, anyone know any good exorcists?  Otherwise I don't know what I'm going to do.  We don't really have a plan B.  

    Next, I just need to admit it.......I am a bit of a remodel addict.  Just a bit.  Our house is nothing special, but we love it.  It has a great back yard and enough space for our family (even though I can't stop dreaming of the "bonus/play room addition" swirling in my head), but it was built in the 70's.  And when we bought it, it basically looked like 1978 had thrown up in here.  There was a lot of wallpaper and some linoleum and quite a bit of wallpaper.  And did I mention the miles and miles of wallpaper?  Think - giant blue and pink flowers with Eiffel towers embosses in them.  Textured vinyl with grapes.  Niiiiiice.  Anyway, so Aaron and I have become quite the DIY experts in the past 3 years.  We have slowly but surely redone almost every space of this house.  Tomorrow starts the carpet.  A local business is installing it, and they are letting me do it just a room or two at a time for two reasons.  1. I have nowhere to put all the cleared out furniture and stuff all at once and 2. While the rooms are empty I am wanting to scrape and repaint the hideous popcorn ceilings.  I just hate them so much and they are so low in this house I feel like I stare at them all the time.  Gross.  So today, to try and keep Aaron from having to do so much tonight, the boys and I moved all the furniture out of the living room (including a piano) and I began scraping the ceiling.  I get it just over half way done before church, so tonight Aaron and I had to finish scraping and then paint and then remove old carpet before they show up tomorrow to install the new.  And let me just say that it took longer than planned.  And let me just say that my wonderful husband had a small come apart and told me that "he better not come home and find out that I've scraped another ceiling.  Ever.".  And let me just say that for the sake of my marriage and as a thank-you for all that he does do without complaining -   Aaron wins.  He can have that one.  I have decided that it is not worth the trouble or the mess or the discord, and I hearby declare the living room to be the last ceiling I scrape for a long, long time.

    Now on to the oozing face.  My man gets up crazy early for work every morning (think - 4:45) and because of the ceiling situation, he didn't get to bed until after midnight.  (he loves me)  So to hurry him along, I told him I would rip out the old carpet myself.  So you know how some people have that one thing that they are righteously allergic to?  Mine is mice.  Yuck, right?  But so true.  I can tell if a mouse has touched something years after it's been there.  And apparenly mice have been here.  Actually I know they have because we caught several right after moving here since the house sat empty for months over the winter.  So when I pulled the carpet out of the back of the linen/water heater closet, it took about 13 seconds for me to sense the mice and feel my eyes swell, and my face tighten.  The 34 years of dust, mites, and general carpet funk did not help either, and the flood gates of my sinuses were literally blown open.  Snot, sneezing, my eyes swelling nearly inside out.  Nice thoughts huh?  So moral of that story is - I actually showered twice today (record book acomplishment) and old carpet is disgusting.   

    And lastly, back to the first thing.  Today Super G informed me , "I have asthma in both of my ears".  Fabulous.  I'm not quite sure what you do about that but it sounds complicated.  Then later when he and Turnanator were helping me move furniture, I was telling them to be careful.  And he looks at his brother and says "you have to be really careful because this stuff is really old.  It was made in the 90's".  Again - fabulous.  Thanks for the chuckles kid. 

Love you like someone that does not projectile vomit pea soup, 

6/1/2011 11:01:50 pm

Pretty funny stuff. I feel your ( especially aaron's) pain. I think I have finally learned my lesson on trying to remodel with kids, job, church, ect. After tearing a bunch of wood off the outside of the house I have decided to pay someone to finish even if I have to take out a loan


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