I have been gone for a really long time.  Over a week actually.  And for that I am sorry.  Well I am sorry if my absence actually had an affect on your life.  Like if you accidentally left your kids at school for 35 extra minutes because you were busy buying gold ballet flats with a bow and you needed to feel better about yourself by reading someone else's story of terrible mothering.  But if it didn't (and I'm pretty sure that's like 99.8% of you) then I'm not all that sorry.  Like you, I was busy making memories with my family (and cleaning my house - a topic for tomorrow maybe) and thought you would understand.

    Since many of you have been doing the "what I am thankful for" thing on facebook (mama - I know you're not on fb.  it's just where people make their status something they are thankful for every day of November) and I have been too lazy to do it, and I meant to do it on Thanksgiving day but was busy watching my bulldogs beat up on the black bears, I thought I would just make a comprehensive 30 point list of things that I am really glad exist.  So here they are for your reading pleasure...................in no particular order.

1.precooked bacon - Have I mentioned this before possibly?  I'm telling you, that stuff is a culinary wonder and huge time saver.

2. the ornaments my grandmother crocheted(sp?) - we just got the Christmas stuff out of the attic tonight and I when I saw the box full of  little red, green and white stockings and bells, I got that warm fuzzy feeling all over.  I love stuff that gives me warm fuzzy feelings.  I love stuff my grandmother made.

3. DVR - Have you tried life with no commercials?  It's amazing.

4. The Office - Steve, I miss you though

5. my shark steam mop - Kids tracked mud in the house?  Just plug it in and mop and put it up all in less than 3 minutes.  Winning.

6. my babies - Tonight on the drive home from my parents' house, I turned back and just stared at my kids while they were being still watching a movie.  I looked at Aaron and asked, "don't you just look at them some times and think 'I could just die I love them so much'?".  And he looked at me and said in the most serious voice "all the time". 

7. a husband who loves our babies.  a lot.

8. my cute MSU hat on day 3 or 4 with no hair wash (obviously this list is not in order of importance.  I do not love my ballcap more than my husband and children)

9. the tool from pampered chef (I don't know what it's called) that is shaped like a star on the end that you use to chop up ground meat as you cook it so you don't get a bunch of big chunks

10. the ladies at church who make desserts every Wednesday so I don't have to

11. tinted moisturizer - if you don't know why I am thankful for this then you should go get some tomorrow

12. having a swimming pool in my back yard so no one except the people I choose will ever see me in a swimsuit again

13. my mother who comes and gets my life in order every time I need her

14. my nieces and nephews - so far there are 9 of them with more to come I'm sure.  cousins rock

15. growing up in a Christian home and marrying a spouse who grew up in a Christian home

16. a husband who is awesome - Him being awesome makes my life a lot easier

17. my truck - It has been in the shop plenty but it is still going with 230,000 miles on it.  It holds a ton of people and stuff, it's loud, it has a dvd player, and the kids are way back in the back so they are easier to ignore when I want to.

18. the hope of Heaven that I do not deserve and yet have offered to me anyway

19. one pair of blue jeans that fit - even if the size is a 3 digit number at this point.  at least I can button them

20. healthy children - When so many are not, it is easy to take this for granted

21. hot tamales from Rosedale - they are seriously in my top 5 foods ever

22. green concealer - It covers up redness so well

23. having an amazing mother-in-law, daughter-in-law relationship with Aaron's mom

24. our sweet college kids who help me out all the time whether it be babysitting, cooking, or folding laundry

25. wonderful friends that I adore all over the southeastern United States because we have moved so much

26. soldiers and their families that sacrifice to keep us free

27. my Cricut, now that I have started figuring out how to actually use the thing

28. getting to hang out with our families this week

29. having the kinds of families that we want to and enjoy hanging out with - Not everyone is that lucky I'm afraid.

30. icing in a can - Because then you can just open it and eat it with a spoon
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12/22/2019 08:53:45 pm

I am happy to know that you are thankful in so many ways. Well, there are lots of reasons to be happy; same with being thankful so we should always express how grateful we are. Personally, the biggest reason why I am thankful is because God has been guiding us continuously. My family is heathy and safe and that is an enough reason for me to be thankful on everything that we receive. Hopefully, the coming year would give me the same!


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