I had a few things I was going to write about tonight, but I only have thirteen minutes to write this post and clean all the laundry off my bed and wash my face and go to sleep because I am trying something new in my life and vowing to go to bed by 10:00.  I've decided I am going to get up in the mornings with Aaron while it is still dark and work out and bathe all before it is time to wake my children up for school.  I might even get them up early enough to eat breakfast at the house and not a poptart in the car on the way.  I think it is a novel idea to wake up before the last second and actually get ready for my day, so I am giving it a try.  I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes.  My hopes are high but my expectations are realistic.  I'm just saying. 

    So instead of a long post about the stuff swirling in my mind, I decided to show y'all some more of the stuff that I have done lately to avoid housework.  By the way, I have to give a huge shout out to Audra Laney because I saw where she posted my burlap football on Pinterest and I literally squealed out loud with delight.  I made Pinterest!!  Yay me!!  Thanks Audra for making me feel like a big deal when I so, so, so am not!
This is the witch's hat I made for my sister-in-law for her birthday and I think it turned out really cute, even if I did make it.  The burlap was already black and took a few coats for the paint to cover well, but it was easier than painting the whole thing.

I made this pumpkin for my grandmother for her birthday, and I am not thrilled with it.  For starters, they are not Tennessee fans, but instead have a last name that starts with a "T".  But everyone that saw it thought I was doing it for Tennessee.  Fail.  But the fabric is cute.  Orange and green tweed that I happened to already have in my closet because I am a hoarder.  The problem was that the fabric was harder to paint on and I screwed it up in a few places.  But I didn't have anything else to show y'all so here it is anyway.

This is an oreo bar.  This is a recipe I got off of pinterest.  This is delicious.  This is the last one because I had already eaten the whole rest of the pan before I took this picture.  This was what I had for dinner tonight.  This is basically the recipe for rice crispy treats except instead of puffed rice cereal, use a package of crushed oreo cookies.  This is one of the many reasons I will never be able to pull off skinny jeans.  And let the church say "amen".

I've got to go.  It's 10:08 already and I haven't even moved from this couch yet.

Love you like anything made with oreos,

Karen S.
9/12/2011 01:24:15 pm

Cassie- Would post a long interesting comment but I have to get back on Pinterest......Must pin!!! :)

9/12/2011 01:54:05 pm

I LOVE my witch's hat!! Thank you so so much! Ms. Debbie came over last week and went on and on about it..now she's dying to make one!

Hooray for making Pinterest!!

9/13/2011 10:02:59 am

I so want a witch's hat and the TN pumpkin. Do you have my name for Christmas?? Or better yet my birthday was last weekend!!! Too cute!!!! Loving you my martha stewart sister in law!

9/13/2011 11:40:05 am

Don't you just love Pinterest. I had to apologize to Kasey. I guess I have been too busy looking at Pinterest the last 6 months to tell you guys about it earlier? Sorry. It's great!

10/1/2011 02:50:16 am

I think I just died. I am a colossal fan of ANYTHING that involves oreos. For my b-day I asked for a Oreo cake (if it were even possible)... Let's just say my expectations were too high :-/ however... it has now been fulfilled with your magnificent ability to find a Oreo heaven for my unattainable craving! YOU'RE THE BEST! and a life saver.... but not friendly on my hips. Oh well! I can use the "I-had-2-kids, and I'm-getting-older" excuse. Not the fact that I have no self control at all, and that I choose not to contain myself when faced with a pile of Oreo marshmallow gooeyness.

7/28/2012 06:21:25 pm

Dead written articles , appreciate it for entropy.


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