Here is a list of thoughts in my brain about spray tans

1. I love them as much as precooked bacon.

2. Having someone spray you is a lot better than getting one in a booth

3. Standing buck naked in front of your spray tan application specialist and God with your cellulite and vericose veins flailing in the wind is a first akward, but totally worth it

4. If you are "curvy" then there are parts of your body that you must 'lift' to avoid having white circles (don't ask me how I know this.  If you know me then you know that I am in in no way curvy (cough, cough) )

5. Occasionally, if you are not careful with the lotion application, you will have orange hands that you will feel shame about when the kind German man at the hotel desk hands your room key and sees the rust colored spots.

6. If you gave up the tanning bed years ago because you are now old enough to be scared of cancer and admit you were created pale by the Creator, then spray tans are perfect for those times when you are going to see a bunch of people that you want to fool into thinking you care about your appearance. 

7. Spray tans always look best on day 2.

8. I want my own gun for Christmas. (anyone reading this that knows my mother, please pass along the obvious hint)

9. Never get a spray tan in a rain storm

10. Tan fat looks better than white fat.  And let the church say "amen"

Love you like a day with no tornadoes,

4/27/2011 09:40:17 am


Kimberly Wilson
4/27/2011 10:20:29 am

You can borrow my gun if you need to : )

4/27/2011 11:26:16 am

Tan fat looks better than white fat is gospel. I love the spray tan too, but I am not nearly brave enough to get one from an actual human - I stick to the booth!

5/1/2011 07:35:06 am

this remind me of one of Sara and i's milestone moments of when we got sprayed for prom. haha we both kno too much i tell ya!

5/1/2011 07:35:48 am


9/24/2013 12:17:01 am

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