First of all, let me head you off at the pass.  I know those of you closest to me are going to see my title and read this post and immediately write all sorts of comments about how wonderful I am and I shouldn't loathe anything about myself, yada-yada-yada.  So thank you in advance, but please don't.  I really don't actually loathe myself.  In fact, I'm quite at peace with myself in so many ways.  However, I think a little self-deprecation is healthy.  It helps to "keep it real", ya' know.  Plus it's funny.  I know I love to hear people laugh at themselves and their faults.  If not, they are just boring, and  little too uptight for my liking.

So here is a tiny list of things I absolutely, positively hate about myself.  Feel free to laugh, throw up in your mouth a little, wonder how I function in society.

1. I am not a huge fan of showering.  It's disgusting, I know.  But I rarely have anything to do besides the carpool line and housework and it all just seems so useless.  What is the point of getting all bathed, shaved, shampooed and conditioned when I'm in for a big day of diapers and cleaning out closets?  Seriously?

2. I will go to Walmart looking like anything.  Anything I tell you. (see #1)

3. I will take my children to Walmart at lunch in their pajamas

4. I have vericose veins and I'm only 30.  Not cute little spider veins that you can kind-of see through the skin.  Gross, exploding blue nastinesses

5. I had to look up the correct spelling for two words in this post already and half of my words are made up

6.  There is not another person anywhere on this planet more last minute than me

7.  I do things sometimes that cause my husband to call me by my mothers name.  I love my mother but I don't want him to call me her name.  I fully expect destruct-o-girl to feel the same way in a few years

8. I love to eat

9. I do not love to exercise

10. None of my clothes fit (see #8 and #9)

Now here are few of the things I do not loathe about myself

I rock at picking a husband
I also rock at spawning
Thanks for stopping by again today.  Feel free to leave comments about your own self loathing issues to make me feel better.  Or don't, I'm probably about to eat some cadburry eggs to make myself feel better about the whole thing either way
4/12/2011 05:00:18 am

Funny! I agree, healthy loathing is funny! There are not many other ways to make you feel better about yourself so quickly! Ha ha.

4/12/2011 05:32:43 am

I bet I know someone who could totally give you a run for your money on #6!

4/12/2011 07:45:47 am

Random eating. I had ritz and chocolate icing the other day, and I thought to myself, "The only way this could possibly be any better would be if I were eating icing and crackers with Cassie."

By the may be inspiring me to start my own blog. It's just a germ of a thought for now though.
Love you!

Sherry Floyd
4/12/2011 07:53:28 am

Cassie, I love reading your blog just as much as your entertaining facebook posts. Always make me smile. I bet I could hold my own with you on #6 -- just ask anyone around me -- but you know what -- it gets done!!! And the finished product is sometimes even done quite well! Keep writing! You can put it all in a book and make millions one day!!

4/12/2011 08:36:17 am

Too funny!!! Just ate another cadbury egg today on the way home and will probably eat another after supper! I went to walmart sunday and got me another 5 pack of those tasty little eggs. :0) Love ya!

LeAnn Jones
4/12/2011 10:03:54 am

So totally agree with #1 and my closet reflects it. I have lots of I-use-to-work dress up clothes and on the other end of the spectrrum, stretchy pants and t-shirts. The in between stuff is lacking. And seriously, when someone is going to just throw up on you, what's the point? In fact, right now, I'm already in pajamas.

Kelly Besson
4/12/2011 12:01:55 pm

I love your blog. Thanks so much for taking the time to write it. Don't care for Cadbury eggs, but not keeping track of how many Snickers eggs or Reeses peanut butter eggs I will eat between now and Easter. :)

4/13/2011 02:39:36 pm

i love you so much Cassie Foster!!! you're so original and NORMAL! man that sure gives me hope for my future! and secretly i think we women all do these things or on my part someday will do those with my kids. so pretty much i love that you hate yourself ahahaha not exactly.

7/26/2012 06:09:54 pm

This sounds in a way inflammatory pending me.can�t wait for this.thank you!

9/27/2019 08:09:42 am

Our imperfections do not define who we are. Rather, it would be better to consider it as just part of our personalities and do not represent our whole selves. I admire you for admitting all these imperfections that you have. It is a good thing that you are aware of it, and you are making several ways on how to deal with it. In order for other people to adjust on you, you should make several adjustments and you guys should meet halfway. Life is a give and take relationship, and we should participate on that.


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