When we moved here to our current home, seven years ago this summer, there was a wooden sign hanging out by the road with the name of the people who built this house.  Two homeowners ago.  So we took it down with the intention of buying or making a new sign to hang up...... almost seven years ago.  (remember that thing I said last time about following through on stuff?)  And then over a year ago I found some giant letter F's on sale at the Hobby Lobby.  They were not exactly what you would call "pretty", but they were big and law do I love something from a clearance aisle.  So I snatched them up and promptly piled the ugly things in my garage.  The same place that holds most all my treasures, except, you know, my car of course.  
see? not so coot
     Then my mom was here at some point (see how she really does try with me) and she scrounged up an old plank of wood from a friend that came out of an old home, so it had several bits of chippy paint on it that make me feel good inside.  It wasn't wide enough, so my main squeeze cut it in half for me and put them together side by side with his cool kreg-jig that I got him one year as a gift.  Because if it's the kind of thing that makes him happy and benefits me also, then really...... it's a great gift. (insert my winky face) 

     Well with all this construction going on around here, I'm itching to project.  But since I currently only have concrete and framing with a few shingles, everyone is afraid I'm going to get ahead of myself a bit.  As in, I'm already trying to buy curtains and I don't even know what the flooring is going to be yet.  Occasionally I am a touch over impulsive.  So in an attempt to occupy my mind, the week of Valentines, I decided to finally finish the road sign.  I had to go paint the post by the road bc we have changed trim colors on the house since moving here and I wanted it to match (even if I am the only one who notices).  And then I went into my paint hoard and got out everything I thought would possible work for this zero dollar project   
exhibit A
     I next drug out an old stencil I had from a previous project, and in an attempt to get the largest amount of impact with the least amount of actual work - I opted for spray paint.  Because lets be serious - you just have to spray the paint.  It was messy and the lines aren't exact, but the existing paint was already chippy and no one is going to be looking at this thing at less than 45 miles and hour.  So the details weren't exactly stressing me out.  By the way, I feel like it needs to be said that I did this on both sides.  Because I'm double awesome.  Also because I do not in fact live on a one way street.
Old paint, new paint. It's a glorious mess.
you know what else is a mess? letting the wet stencil get blown face down in the yard. but one must press forward
see? good enough to look at while driving down the highway
     As that paint was drying, I was putting several coats of black on my not-so-coot F's.  
Once the paint on the boards was dry, I had my amazing five-year-old photographer take a few pics of the next step. Mainly because painting and keeping your hands clean enough to take pics with your phone is hard man.  Real hard.  Plus I was just dying for y'all to see some upshot photos of myself in action (definitely not really).  All I did was go over the board with the stenciled paint on it with some of this.  Because it's what I had
because everything weathered gray is my life right now
what a hot tamale!
see how the stain changes the wood but paint still comes through, just more muted?
     The next couple of steps were pretty basic:

  1. polyurethane everything
  2. let it all get dry finally
  3. use liquid nails and a few actual nails to attach the F's on each side
  4. add eye hooks to the top so that it can hang
  5. insist on doing that all without any help from your husband because you want to be able to say you did the whole project by yourself
  6. stand down on the side of the highway wearing the t-shirt you had slept in the night before and leggings as pants while trying to hold your surprisingly heavy road sign between your legs and eyeball measure where the hooks should screw into the post so it will line up and actually hang
  7. drop the drill into an extra scratchy bush
  8. think about how you don't say curse words
  9. finally get it up
  10. take some pictures of it
  11. realize how badly your bushes need trimming
  12. plan to do that "later"
  13. (do it in at least the next seven years)

     Now that that's done, I've got to find something else to project on because if not, I'm going to spend all my time searching for rugs to go in rooms that currently have nothing separating them from where birds and squirrels live. 

                                                                   Love ya' like spray paint, 
Jennifer Ensor
3/1/2015 09:04:10 am

I big squishy heart love it! Great job!! Now come project me one.

Angie Mason
3/1/2015 09:11:24 am

You are my hero!!

B Dunavent
3/1/2015 11:11:06 am

i enjoy your post so much. You are awesome

3/1/2015 07:19:04 pm

Way to go! This is super duper cute (as always) and I LOVE it!! Thank you for being you and for blogging again....it is most of the adult time I do get and it is very entertaining! :)


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