You know that akward feeling you get when the crazy looking, skin-and-bones, toothless woman stops you and your kids in Walmart to tell you that people are running a rat race in there and they keep trying to run over her so she has just started cussing everybody?  Yeah me too.  Stay off the crystal meth kids.

    So we watch a lot of Disney channel around here, and while she gets on my nerves some times, I think Brenda Song (who plays London Tipton on Suite Life On Deck) is a cute little actor and girl.  Then yesterday I saw where she went and got herself knocked up by and engaged to Chance Cyrus, Miley's brother.  The only word I have for that is ewww.  Ewww.  Ewwww.  Ewwwww.  If you don't know why this is ewwwww then please go google him.  Make sure the picture you see has the latest tatoos with the feathers falling out of his eyes and down his face.  What an idiot.  Stay off the crystal meth kids.

    I saw Joe Jonas's newest solo cd being advertised the other day and they were showing clips from one of the music videos.  I'm sure he is still a lovely boy and all, but it's going to be hard to sell the whole "promise ring" bit when you are singing to and rubbing all over a hotting wearing nothing but her itty bitty panties and your shirt with only two buttons actually buttoned.  I'm just saying.  

    You know that feeling you get on Sunday when you realize there is no way you are getting a nap, and all of a sudden you feel like you might actually die?  Yeah, me too.  Three days ago.

    You know you are lame when you pay a dear friend to clean your house but then won't let her come over because you haven't cleaned it up enough yet.

    Destruct-o-girl got mad a me the other day because I wouldn't let her go outside.  (that is a common occurance here)  So she fell out in the floor kicking and sreaming and writhing and I just ignored her.  When she realized I wasn't interested, she got up, walked to the living room, picked up the laptop that is bigger than her, walked to the kitchen with it, stood right in front of me and yelled my name, then tried to slam it on the floor in front of me.  What a punk.  Please stay away from the crystal meth kid.

    You know that feeling you get when you realize that your cubscout was supposed to be selling popcorn and you forgot and the money is due tomorrow?  No, me either. (on an unrelated note - some of you will be receiving calls tomorrow about "something" that I am buying for you and then will charge you for)

    Do you ever feel like a secretary?  For your children?  Next week we have a halloween party, basketball tryout/evaluations, and the flag raising ceremony at the high school football game - all at the exact same time for the same kid.

    I am doing some hard core Disney research and currently it is so overwhelming that I'm nervous and intimidated.  Please tell me it is not as difficult as it seems.  I believe I am going to start asking Disney questions every so often so I can mull the info over just a piece at a time.  So today's question is....
    *Where is your favorite place to stay at Disney?  We want to stay on site and I'm just completely overwhelmed by the number of options and all the things you have to weigh like dining, convenience, money, and space.  So I would love a reply if you have any input on this - especially if you have done it with little chirens.  Little bad chirens at that.  Spoiled, sass talkin', laptop throwing chirens.  And if not with bad chirens, just your regular kids.  

    speak to me.  help me.  guide me.  enlighten me. 

Too tired to type more,
Traci Smith
10/20/2011 10:36:41 am

We just returned from Disney within the past month. Like you, we have 3 kiddos. As you probably know, Disney rooms are not designed for a family of 5-meaning you have to get 2 rooms (unless the youngest is still two years old-yay for you because you don't have to buy them a meal plan or tix to the park. Boo for you because the 2 year old has to sleep in a pack & play which leaves NOwhere to walk in a standard room. We did this on our first trip there-stayed at Pop Century.) Having said all that, last month we stayed at All Star Music in a family suite. Still a value resort but very nice. It was well worth the little extra $$$ to have our own bedroom-complete with a door. Yay! And the kids had the living room with a pullout sofa and two pullout chairs that were perfect-everyone got personal space. Add to that 2 bathrooms and a kitchenette-It was the only way to go in my opinion. Even being the value resort, we had great service with the buses, staff, etc. I am sure the moderate or deluxe resorts are plush but for what we wanted, we were happy. (who goes to Disney to hang out in the room?) So, hope this helps. (By the way, I am a friend of Lori's... not a blog stalker. :) Love your blog-hilarious!

10/21/2011 07:30:50 am

Sadly we have been to Disney too many times. The best place we stayed (by far) was the Animal Kingdom lodge. It is a really cool place to stay. They have rooms with bunk beds! Dining plan is the way to go. We usually get the plans that have one quick service meal and one sit down meal (per day) Then we would just bring stuff to keep in our room for breakfast. We have also stayed at the All star Movie place which was nice too. No matter where you stay on site the service will be fabulous. Also if you want to do character dinners and what not I would try to book early.

Sherry Floyd
10/24/2011 08:07:27 am

I LOVE Disney. Ask Jordan and Laura about the detailed "itinerary" I did for them (of course, they ignored it -- but it would have worked well.) Several hints -- 1)buy the Park-Hopper pass, it always pays off in the long run. 2)Stay in the park -- Disney's transportation is wonderful -- they know how to move people -- no worry about parking, etc. 3) Don't know when you plan to go -- but if the time is negotiable, go when Disney is offering Free Dining. It saves TONS of money, is VERY convenient -- and saves lots of tears and guilt when you can't afford to buy the coke/ice cream/slush. And, yes, it REALLY is FREE!! 4) Probably should have been first on the list -- but purchase a copy of the newest version of Birnbaum's Guide to Disney World -- several weeks/months in advance of your trip -- read it, highlight it, become very familiar with it!! He updates every year -- and is the ultimate "Disney" information source.
I will think of many more things, I am sure! Have I said I LOVE Disney World -- would love to go EVERY year!


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