Some my irises in front of my pool fence. My grandmother helped me move them from their random locations throughout my back yard.
The one purple iris (that we didn't know was purple) amonst all the yellow flowers. Apparently it was too embarrassed to open its bloom yet
Our little outdoor kitchen that Aaron built. He has mad skills. It will be a lot nicer when we clean up the junk and old tank for spring and shovel the gigantic pile of leaves out of the sinks
A fleeting moment of my boys jumping on the trampoline together happily, enjoying some brotherly love. Do not worry, two minutes later the blue ninja turtle kicked the red ninja turtle in the stomach just a bit too hard and all manner of come-apart broke out. There was screaming, crying, and writhing for starters. But it's ok. I got this picture first so this is how I choose to remember the afternoon.
    It's a beautiful day outside today!  Hope all of you are enjoying it.  I'm about to head out and piddle in my yard and wish I was good at flowers, or plants, or pets, or children, or anything that grows.  Just out of curiosity for any of you that actually have a green thumb....... Is it the right time or too late to plant garden type things?  We've tried a garden twice now and failed miserably both times.  Turns out, gardens actually need some time spent on them.  They need to be weeded and watered, even if it is hot outside and I don't really feel like it.  So this year I've decide I should maybe try the container garden route.  Unfortunately though, I just decided that as I am typing this post, so I'm not sure if it's too late to plop some stuff in a pot.  I love a good excuse to run to Lowes and buy stuff on a Saturday so get back with me soon please.  Thanks

Love you like Saturday,

Lisa Springer
4/30/2011 01:22:34 am

Cassie Davis! My eyes are filled with tears just thinking 'bout your family and how long I've loved all of you. I totally get how overwhelmed you must be....Your mama is the hardest act in the world to follow. She was and remains the stuff mama legends are made of....superwoman in expensive clothes. up early, kids to school, rice deals, feed the farm help, pick up miss betty, take care of mrs. davis, back to pick up kids, Scouts, Bayou ball game, oops!!! Church, church and uhhhhh church, Yes, she is toooooo much. Wish I could have been like her, but sadly, I am more like me. But guess what? It's ok not to have the perfect house or like to clean . And yes, its ok to cry. My sis who lives in Tupelo has 4 kids. 11, 9 , 5, and 6 weeks. All boys. I have two dogs....12 and 6. Perfect!!! And sooo much easier.
Quit beating yourself up. It's all good.
By the way......What a privilege to have a Daddy that comes to visit just because. Gotta love that Larry Davis. Give your parents a big ol' hug fro me. I still love 'em!!
Enjoy your Saturday. It's fine to plant your stuff now!
Love ya!

4/30/2011 01:42:09 am

You can still plant tomatoes. They grow well in pots. You can also try peppers or strawberries. Remember, I am married to Mr. Gardener who has like the whole back half of our property plowed and planted right now, so that makes me an expert by default. Love you!!

sandra foster
4/30/2011 07:29:45 am

If you go to Lowes, hollar at me...I need a couple of things...which include pepper plants that I am just now planting. We are planting garden today...corn and squash seeds so it's not too late

4/30/2011 01:06:23 pm

You plant the strawberries; I'll plant the cocoa beans for the chocolate dip....

Judd Davis
4/30/2011 01:08:36 pm

I've never commented on anyones blog before and currently it is telling me i am commenting anonymously(i only know how to spell that because it is spelled for me). Since i don't know what is going to happen when i hit the SUBMIT button, I am going to start out by telling you that this is Judd...
Now, to the point: My green thumb really only excells in two species of plants. You can guess what they are. I do, from time to time, plant a small garden that gets raided so regurlarly i am yet to eat anything out of it in 3 years, though. When planting, the best advice i can give you about time to plant is turn the seed package over and look at the recommended plant dates for your area. They've learned to keep it simple for simplicity sake...

Jill H.
5/1/2011 06:30:38 am

Google hay bale gardening. I saw it on a blog, and it looks relatively easy! :-)


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