Dear World, 
    Today I am apologizing to you for starting a blog.  It has always seemed to me to be a bit presumpuous to think that anyone would give enough of a care about my small little life to warrant a whole address on the world wide web for me to go on and on about it.  Then I began to do a little investigating and decided, "welp, everyone else is doing it, and I do so love to follow a crowd!".  (ok not really)  But here it is.  My life in a bunch of random, incoherent, sometimes disturbing thoughts. 
    I don't plan on any entries being too long or indepth or sensible for that matter.  As a matter of fact, a sweet little lady named Rosie suggested I make it like a bunch of Facebook statuses, and that sounded like a great idea to me!  So somedays it will be that way.  Somedays it will be projects I'm doing around here because I get the itch to craft. Somedays it will be photos of my spawn doing cute albeit occasionally dangerous things like actually swinging from the dining room chandelier.  And somedays I will have too much going on or just plain forget to write anything on here.
    Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by.  I would love for you to follow me if you're ready to feel better about your own life.  If you have read the very first entry and decided it's not for you - then thanks for stopping by, move along, and lament on the 57 seconds of your life that you will never get back.

I love you more than red velvet cake with a lot of icing (almost),
4/11/2011 10:50:11 am

I think you are pretty awesome!!!! (even though you are tardy) jk

Reta Daugherty
4/11/2011 10:50:26 am

YOU GO GIRL......Love it!!!!!!!!

Brooke Smith
4/11/2011 10:53:02 am

Cass, you are so funny & sweet!

Martha Calton
4/11/2011 11:21:16 am

I will look forward to your blog, you always make me smile!

Martha Calton
4/11/2011 11:24:56 am

looking forward to it, you always make me smile

Mrs. Jimmie
4/11/2011 01:09:03 pm

I am really looking forward to reading of your daily happenings each evening before I retire. . .it shall make for happy dreams I am sure!! You are a sweetie!! Do me a personal favor and never, ever, ever use that horrible word (loser) when referring to your precious self!! I am so thankful that the Lord saw fit to send you and yours to Boonevegas and into my life!! love you!!

Aunt Joy
4/11/2011 10:59:58 pm

Marvelous Cass.

4/12/2011 01:42:50 am

This is great, Cassie. I laughed out loud at your "about me" section. Love it!

4/30/2011 06:14:42 am

Cassie, I love it!! I am so proud of you for taking the leap!! You have a gift!! I hope you get rich and famous and I can tell people that I was in your first post!! Love it!!

4/30/2011 06:43:26 am

I so love that you're doing this, cause it DOES make me feel so much closer to normal--ha! Can't wait to read your witty, goddessy posts;) You rock (today)...


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