........there was a little boy who asked Santa for a dog.  And that little boy had a little brother that cried when he found out that "dog" was on the Santa wish list because he hated dogs.  Terrified of them actually.  After lots of deliberation and thought, Santa decided that a dog was exactly what that family needed.  And it turns out........................
there are few things cuter than a sleepy boy and his dog.  Now that dog has done a lot of good for that little boy and his little brother and the rest of his little family.  In fact, now the little brother loves the dog too.
So even though that dog chews on everything
(and I do mean everything!),
and even though the dog is full of energy and chases after everyone all the time,
who could stay mad a a little cutie patootieshnukums like that?!
Not this guy....................
or this one either.
Love ya' almost as much as my baby loves his dog,
1/19/2012 10:59:45 pm

Love the pictures....makes me want a puppy...ok now I am over it! So glad things have worked out for Santa's gift to the kids.

1/20/2012 05:37:19 am

Loved this, Kids & puppy are adorbable !!!! Like everyone keeps saying " you need to write a book " ......

1/28/2012 11:18:13 am

True. Dogs can capture even the hearts of those who think they HATE dogs. Something about their cuteness and the way they need you that help you forget about the smelliness, the hair, and the poo!
Ha. Glad you guys like the dog!

3/22/2012 03:17:01 pm

Thank you for details

7/17/2012 05:26:54 pm

I've follwed that are being made in the Social Networking world are much more provoking and exciting to me than any contemporary art I've come across lately.

7/17/2012 05:27:10 pm

I anticipate art and IT (and new media) technology coming together in a real and meaningful way.


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