I am tired.  Like, barely awake, why am I not in the bed, too sleepy to stand up out of this hand-me-down harvest gold recliner.  But can I just tell you that earlier tonight there were some kids over here watching tv (The Singoff.  I'm telling you - if you aren't watching it then you are seriously missing out) and when they left, I changed the tv station to A&E?  Can I tell you that I decided on A&E because Hoarders was on?  Can I tell you that I love to watch Hoarders because it's so awful?  Fantastically awful.  Horrifically, violently, combustibly, ginormously awful in an I-can't-stop-staring-at-the-trainwreck awful.  Most of the time the people's houses are beyond liveable and completely disgusting, but tonight - tonight's episode just took the cake for me.  A poor man had found his wife dead in her truck years ago at age 39 from a heart condition, and he had never dealt with the grief.  So to feel better, he got 3 pet rats.  Years ago.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  Do you?

    Animal services came in and removed almost 2,500 rats out of this man's house.



                in one house

    I would continue to type a nice long paragraph about the whole situation, except that my organs are currently still seizing and about to shut down from the horrors of it all.  The heibby-jeibbies are so profound for me right now that I can barely bring myself to breath, much less process the nastiness.  But because I love you, I will leave you with a final quote from Glen the rat hoarder.............

    "I have to sleep in my shop now because they are everywhere.  If I lay down to try to sleep they will come up to me and pull my hair out - anything for nesting material.  Also, anything with moisture, they will lick and it's awfully hard to sleep with rats licking your eyeballs all night."

    How's that for a visual?  You're welcome.


Love you like reality television,

Tracey Williams
10/11/2011 05:09:03 am

Cassie, thanks for sharing. (NOT) I just wanted to thank you for all the time that I have wasted on Pinterest. You did warn us. Ha! Love you,

Aunt Joy
10/11/2011 05:23:32 am

They just removed over 250 cats from a house about 8 miles south of us. The house was located in a nice neighborhood. The woman said she was grieving and needed the company. It took over 30 deputies and inmates with gas masks and gear to remove the dead cats, the rotting still alive cats and the ones that were fighting, biting and scratching back. Nasty. Maybe they can release the 250 cats on those rats.


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