Super G wrote and performed this song last night on the way home from church.  He meant nothing but good from it - it flowed naturally in conversation.  (that's what conversations in our car are like.  people occasionally break out in random song)  The tune is one you and no one else on the planet has ever heard before, but feel free to make up your own sing-song accompaniment as you read.  It will help you "keep it real" as an experience.
My Daddy is skin-nay
I am skin-nay
My brother is skin-nay
My sister is skin-nay
But Mama is a little bit fat
 (how does he even know what a calorie is?)
But she is a good Mama
The best cooker
The best cooker in the whole city, the whole worrrlllllddddd
Even better than the Mexican peeeeeeoplllllllle
    The only explination I have for the last line is that we live in a town with a restaurant issue.  Besides fast food, we only have a smattering of eateries that may or may not be open depending on the day, the weather, the alignment of the earth with the moon, etc.  Except for Mexican food.  In our tiny town we have two Mexican restaurants.  We did have three but my favorite one, Los Oxaquenos (the buffet one in the side of the gas station) just closed it's doors for business. *moment of silence please*  Anyhoo, that's basically all the poor boy knows as professional chefs.   It's true - we get out very little.  
    But back to the song, I know I have talked alot about my egg obsession and pants issues on here already, but I am in one of those phases of life where I have decided to put in a little effort again.  I do this every so often, especially if I have to pick out an outfit to go somewhere.  I am just so terrible at dieting, so I think I am going to exercise it all off. It's always my plan.  This time I have decided to follow the crowd yet again.  I currently have 6 facebook friends at different stages of the Couch to 5k program and actually have some friends who are leaders/coaches (?) of the program.  The whole thing sounds awful to me.  Completely awful.  Anything where running is involved is automatically out as a rule normally, but I have decided to give it a try.  
    My dear friend Molly is younger than me and loves me and is a little scared of me, so I have used my powers over her to force her into participating with me.  Pretty much because there's not a snowball's chance at Satan's house that I will actually follow through with this alone.  So a little while ago, in the safe cover of night, she and I went out and did Day 1 Week 1 of the program.  If you do the math it is actually only 7 minutes of running.  I could have died.  There was a cardiac issue, a respiratory issue, and a self-worth issue all swirling in a sea of gasps and heaves.  I run so akwardly anyway (always have.  ask all my friends from high school)  and the added issue of a pulsing vericose vein and the two sandbags up front I have to lug everyhere I go (too much?  sorry) makes it ridiculous to watch.  Sad really.  But we did it.  Yay us.   
    So let me just say this-  If this is to be something that I stick with I will need encouragement, and probably oxygen.  Any of you with experience let me know if it actually worked so great for you.  I am not too proud to be a quitter otherwise.  And let me also say this - if you happen to be one of the four people who possibly read this blog and who live on the street behind my house (you know who you are) - if you so much as peek out the window at me dragging my sad gigantic butt around out there in the dark, I will totally quit.  That's why I'm doing it late.  You people are supposed to be in bed, or watching tv, or doing anything else.  So don't look at me - or my future health and well being will rest solely in your hands.  Plus I will be wearing leggings and a t-shirt, and you don't want to experience that.  There is no telling what will happen to propery values if word gets out.

Love you like anything but running,
5/16/2011 04:45:25 pm

I started the couch to 5k and did really good at it until they expected me to run 20 minutes straight when just a few days before I almost died running 10 minutes at a time. Needless to say I am back to lighter exercise. :) I guess I am more toward couch than 5k. :0) good luck.

5/16/2011 09:37:45 pm

Hey Cassie, as you know I completed the couch to 5k and now can run 5ks. Just wanted to let you know that it was hard and it took longer than the programs time frame. So be patient. Also, I wouldn't say I love running ( I can't imagine anyone loving it). I do love the way I feel after a good run and the weight I lost. Just getting out there is great. I know you can do it!!!!

5/17/2011 05:49:00 am

cassie i laughed till i cried... for five minutes... literally... about that song. i can laugh b/c that would be the set up of my family as well. where does he get this stuff?? i love you and good luck with the exercise thing.

5/17/2011 07:20:38 am

Keep up the good work!
Hang in there!
Good luck!
Just think of all the funny stories
you will have to tell about your
experiences while running!

5/17/2011 12:16:01 pm

Seriously - I'm crying over here. Hilarious.

5/17/2011 02:27:55 pm

That song is hilarious!!! Good luck with the couch to 5K...maybe one day I can join you! I'm still in the couch phase right now.

5/19/2011 07:16:26 am

Ok, So I think you must be me. LOL
I'm doing the couch to 5K thing and also running at night because I do not want to expose the rest of the town to a whole lotta shakin' going on. I'm repeating the weeks until I get them down. I start week 3 tonight. GOOD LUCK to all of us. BTW my "running" is what one of my friends lovingly calls wogging.


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