Laundraically speaking, I was a beast today.  A beast I tell you.  I washed, folded, hung up, unpacked and put away a volume of clothing that can only serve to reflect four things:

1) I am totally and completely awful at keeping our clothes clean in any type of wearable manner.  Whenever I see poor husband wearing the shiny black and silver, covered-in-red-hearts boxers that he won as a gag gift at a church valentine party, I know we are in a world a' hurt.  

2)  We have too many clothes.  As in, clothe a small army, Chinese village, starving kids in Ethopia, too many.  And yet I just got off of eBay looking for smocked fall outfits for one tiny ball of adorable destruction.  I have something wrong with me - mentally speaking I'm afraid.  (p.s. - by "we" I mean my children.  I have 4 items of clothing I can fit on my large jiggly body currently and two of those are long stretchy dresses) 

3)  There is something fundamentally wrong with our society  

4)  One day I am going to take my family to Disney with the money I will make selling off my kids clothes (when the day finally comes that I can decide to be for-sure finished bearing children - another post for another day).  Either that or I will repair the ceiling whenever the attic finally caves in.  Whichever comes first. 
    My mother fusses at me.  My mother-in-law jokes about it.  My friend Angela makes fun of me.  I don't know exactly why we have so many, because I really don't feel like I spend that much on clothes, but they are here.  For one thing, we have been so, so, so fortunate with hand-me-downs.  We have had a lot of friends be wonderful and let us have or buy cheap a lot of their kids' stuff.  And then I went through a phase of going nuts with end-of-season clearance for the next year.  It's great except for that one year that Super G shot straight up and totally skipped a whole size of blue jeans.  Had five extra cute pairs of bootcut, darkwash ankle pants though.  But when you get down to it and I really investigate what we have, there are some fabulous little Gymboree sweater vests sprinkled among a whole bunch of hand-me-down Arkansas t-shirts, free VBS t-shirts, old t-ball and soccer jerseys, and t-shirts with the sleeves cut off.  How did we get so many t-shirts for pete's sake?

    Anyways, I'm not really trying to discuss the quantity of second and third hand childrens' apparel that stuffs my closets tonight.  I'm really trying to brag on myself for being a beast. 

Laundraically speaking of course......................

Love you like being able to see the floor of my bedroom,
The laundranator

If you felt extraordinary that day, then that's good for you! That has always been something that I am looking forward to see from you since I know that you have been so busy with al the stuff you deal with! By the way, what seems to be the problem with your clothes? If there are issues that should be addressed as soon as possible, then you guys should find a way on how to do it because that would be great!


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