Sorry I've been gone so long. (It makes me feel better to think that ya'll actually missed me)  Our family had a seriously great holiday weekend away, but we were definitely ready to come back to the crib today.  We spent our weekend in Memphis at the annual Lads to Leaders convention where many of the children from church participated in events like, speech, song leading, art, puppets, debate, and many more.  And it literally brought tears to my eyes the whole weekend (as it always does) to see those kiddos of all ages do stuff that most adults are to nervous to do.  And the Bartimaeus participants (those with special needs who lead singing or deliver speeches)....fahgetaboutit.  Waterworks.  It is literally so moving in a humbling way.  Even my own small offspring, Super G, led "I'll Fly Away" (a gold standard for him) and gave a little 15 second speech with bright orange notecards with pictures drawn on them to remind him what to say. He was totally chickening out of the speech for months until last Thursday - when I brought home the suit.  The grey pinstripe suit that makes him look just like his daddy.  One look at it and he declared, "Well I'm gonna look just like a preacher so I guess I better preach".  Love him. It was adorable, and I loved it, and I died of emotional overload.  The end.

    Anyhoo, while we were busy with the over 2,100 folks in Memphis, there were additional conventions going on in Indianappolis, Atlanta, Dallas, and the "big one" in Nashville.  In the neighborhood of 20,000 people strong.  It's such a warm, fuzzy feeling I get inside every time I think about that.  I'm just saying. 

    But no four day, action packed, people overloaded, late night going, get away with my children ever goes as smoothly as I dream it will.  There are most certainly some "issues" along the way.  And by issues I mean destruct-o-girl learning how to open the hotel room door and darting for the elevators before anyone realizes she is gone ((um....yeah. true story. twice)), the Turnanator terminating his brothers face with the bottom of his easter shoes multiple times before his father broke it up, and the aftermath which sounded a bit like a scene from the just released horror flick 'Scream 5'.  But to make our insane family feel better about ourselves, a dear, sweet, 3 year-old friend of mine decided to pull the fire alarm of the Cook Convention Center while all 2,100 people were gathered for the awards banquet.  It fo' sho' helped me forget the face stomping and subsequent beating that happened in my room 20 minutes prior (thanks Anderson!).

    I could go on forever, but I'm pretty sure you are tired of hearing about it and I am so sleepy my face could fall off. (did that even make any sense?) Prolly no, but I'm too tired to push backspace that many times and erase it.  So I am going to leave you with this, stay tuned for more stories of hijinx (sp?) fun and embarrassment from the clan as the week goes on.  Let me just say this about about an upcoming post - Spray. Tan.  

    Sorry if this whole post sounds crazy and disjointed and non-flowy (that is a word I just created).  It is 1 a.m. and I am so sleepy I could drop.  The neurons are firing at random at this point.  I just love you all so much (and my ego needs that boost it gets when I know you are reading) that I felt morally obligated to blither on.  So one more thing...MY PUPPET TEAM WON FIRST PLACE!!!!! (SQUEAL, SCREAM, JUMP, SQUEAL) and please let me know how all of your offspring did if you were at one of the other conventions.  There are a lot of you that I love that were doing it up L to L style this weekend too.  (ok that was two things - whateva')

Thanks for loving the real me,


Laura Crocker
4/24/2011 05:03:31 pm

Hey. One day, when I grow up, I wanna be like you. You are cool.

4/24/2011 08:49:05 pm

Glad you guys had fun and made it back intact for the
most part.

Wendi Long
4/24/2011 09:26:24 pm

That would be my sweet three year old offspring that decided "my needed to push the button". Love how we can make each others lives feel better. At that point I wanted to tell him yes baby your name is Foster now. Love you guys!

Joy Hardin
4/24/2011 10:41:03 pm

Cass, Atlanta's L2L was great. Max's puppet team won 1st Place, actually all four of our congregation's teams won 1st Place. Every event that our kids entered, they won 1st, 2nd or 3rd in. It was amazing and a whole lot of fun. However we didn't have the fire alarm pulled at ours. Did the parents get fined for their kid getting loose and pulling it? That is what the hotels are allowed to do in Georgia. Sorry that happened.

4/25/2011 12:21:44 am

Love it!

Sherry Floyd
4/25/2011 07:58:50 am

Hilarious, Cassie --and so real. You may not know it, but I also raised two ADHD twin foster sons. Laura and Sara were so calm (key word being "were" maybe) compared to the boys. You never knew what would happen next with them -- and usually could never explain to anyone else exactly WHY it happened. Never a dull moment!!!
Regarding L2L - Nashville was great - 9,000+ participants -- Sara got 2nd place in Speech, Top 10 in Pearls, Our Banner won 3rd I think. We also had a 3rd grader win 2nd in speech, one guy was first in video, and our younger Bible Bowl team was in the finalists. Sure some I forgot -- but basically -- a wonderful time -- and all did well! Hope you are rested some today!!

7/26/2012 07:34:11 pm

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