Hallelujah It's Raining Men. 

Ok, it's not really so much a hallelujah situation as a "wow this is a really expensive kind of day" situation, but honestly I'm just glad these men are here.  Eight of them in fact.  Four are here to put in a new heat pump on my kids' side of the house because our previous one was original to the house, and very very old - and energy unefficient, and broken forever.  And four are here to finally fix the leak in the pool.  The one that I may or may not have mentioned once or thirty-nine times?  Yeah that one.  Turns out, the pipe that connects to one of the main jets was broken right where it hooks together - under the concrete.  The poor poor concrete.  The poor poor, now busted up with a jackhammer concrete.  Sad.

But all is not sad.  This day is actually happy in a way because I feel like we are finally getting some closure to all of our life's issues and woes, but it is a sad day because tonight we will have to decide which of our children we are going to sell so we can afford all of this.  We are now taking bids.  Only interested parties and serious offers please.
This would be the entire pool full of water that is blowing out of the currently cut pipe. It feels a twinge painful to think of all that water leaving and having to be replaced. By more water. That we will be charged for. Sigh.
This is an almost empty pool. It's totally empty now, but I was too embarrassed to keep going out and taking pictures of a hole in the ground in front of the repair guys. I could tell they were beginning to think I was a weirdo. And saying, "I'm going to blog about this" to a guy with a Harley Davidson do-rag on makes it even weirder.
Dear Concrete, I'm sorry. But it had to happen. It was what's best for all of us in the long run. Cassie
See all these vehicles? All full of repairmen and equipment. Destruct-o-girl is currently losing it because she needs to help someone desperately. Unfortunately she has not yet completed HVAC certification school so they are frowning upon it.
Hard at work. And by the way, they are standing there talking to a full grown man standing inside that closet.
    This is in no way a plug for anything, but I have been wanting to tell y'all for a while about what got the whole "new heatpump" thing rolling.  Well actually the old one breaking got it rolling, but once it did - we had an energy audit by TVA and it prompted us to make several changes around here.  Nothing major besides today's work that had to be done anyway, but lots of cool info about how to insulate better and save money on energy costs.  And I need to be honest here - we are not green at all.  I did buy a composter, but two months into that I have no idea what I was thinking.  I'm like that sometimes.  I know you are shocked.  However, even disposable diaper and ziplock bag using earth murderers like us want to save money on their bills, and the cool thing is we got lots of helpful information as to what we could do to save money. Plus we will get a percentage back on all of the improvements we made.   So seriously, nobody paid me to say all this, but if you have an older house it really is a cool thing to check out.  Do it.  Do it right now.  

    Don't forget, there will be children for sale soon.  One is whiney, one is OCD, and one is just plain bad, but they're all extra cute and are good eaters.  So consider it.  I'm looking to get a new car and a vacation out of the deal too.

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