Then bless your heart.  Seriously, I am like the most computer and technologically idiotic person alive.  For reals people.  Your grandmother knows how to do more on the computer than I do.  I can facebook stalk, check my email, type a basic paragraph with nothin' fancy on Word, play solitaire, and online shop.  That's all I've got in my bag of tricks.  Your 4th grader knows 900 times more stuff than I do about computers.  Sad, I know.  Somehow I fell into a crack in time known as...................."a microbiology degree doesn't exactly require much computer knowledge and considering I was married and knocked up by the time I graduated and went straight to be a domestic goddess and since I am too lazy to teach myself anything.......I am a techno lamebrain."  The end.  
    Anyways, I tell you all that just to warn you, because I am so behind, because I just figured out how to hold down the "control" key to select more than one thing at a time, what I am about to tell you may be old news.  I am about to tell you all something that I think is great and new and wonderful, and to you it will be like me being excited over tiVo, or the internet on your phone, or precooked bacon.  You've already been there - done that.  But I don't care.  If I know my audience at all then I am sure there are at least 3 of you that need to know what I am about to impart on you.  So you 3 - listen up.

    Picnik.  That's it.  Well, actually.  It is a web site for photo editing that makes it so, so simple for doe-does like me.  I have an SLR camera (the digital kind that clicks really fast) and it can do so many different things with so many different settings and lenses, and I don't know how to work any of it.  In fact, it is a very rare occurance that I ever change that sucker off of auto.  I owned the thing over a year before I ever put the bigger better zooming lense on it. (see I don't even know what that lense is called, sad)  But with picnik I can download my photos and edit them up right nice.  I know there are tons of photo editing sites and software out there in the world, but I've got to be honest.  I have owned photoshop for several years now, and I've opened it up once.  It looked like something I was going to have to spend time learning and actually work at, so I said "forget it".  It was way too intimidating for me. (see, now this is where most of you are thinking "what a lazy dumbo.  photoshop isn't hard."  well I'm sure ironing your clothes and washing your hair on a regular basis isn't hard for you people either.  we live in different worlds my friends.)  I actually discovered the site because I accidentally happened upon someone else's blog (I can't even remember what it was called), but now I'm a believer.  It's simple, fast, and there are a lot of features on there to use for free.  They also have a $25 per year membership that offers more options which I have and still don't know how to use most of, but it's not necessary if you aren't doing any hardcore editing.  

    So just to show you the difference a little editing can make even when done by a person with no eye for anything artistic or lovely, here are a few before and after pics.

This is when Super-G got the frog out of the pool for me. I ran inside to get my camera and of course because it came from a nice cool house to the surface of the sun outside, all the lenses fogged up. We didn't want to sit around and wait for the lenses to unfog, so I just clicked the photo and went on with my life.
This is what picnik did for me. Literally, I took the above picture and edited it to look like I took a good one to start with. Cool, huh?
This is my friend's little girl and I am now her aunt because that's what she decided to call me. Aunt Cassie. So because I am her "aunt" and because I love her, I took her pictuer watching fireworks on the Fourth of July. Since I have no idea how to really work my camera, this one gave me fits. If I left it on the Auto or Nighttime settings, the flash was so bright that I literally couldn't tell it was night outside. But if I turned the flash off, it was too dark to see her face at all. So I just improvised and left it on Auto and then held my hand in front of the flash so some of it would be blocked. Pretty smart for a doe-doe if I do say so myself. (even though I'm sure there was a much better solution for people who know what they are doing) Well this is what I got
This one is not as drastic of a change as the one above, but it did help me to see the top of her face quite a bit more as if there was more light shining on her really.
This is the original picture I took of Judd's soybeans. That's all I did is squat down, point the camera at the grain bins, and click.
But here if you can tell (it's easier when the picture is bigger but I obviously don't know how to do that) I cropped the picture, sharpened the grain bins, intensified the color and sharpness, and then gave the picture a treatment that makes it focused in the center and get fuzzier as it goes out. I am really happy about this one and am probably going to print it out and hang it somewhere.
    Just so you know, this is not an add.  I would love to do an add for something because it would mean that I am getting paid, but no friends, this is not one.  I just thought there might be a few of you that don't know about Picnik.  Maybe some of you have a cute beach picture or some other something that could look really cute edited and hanging on your wall.  So there you have it.  And for all the rest of you that already knew about it, or have some other editing stuff, or are not afraid of photoshop, I warned you.  You were welcomed to have turned back at paragraph 2.  I'm just saying.

Love you like precooked bacon,

P.S. - I know I am an awful speller, but the website is really spelled picnik - even if your sandwiches on a blanket under a tree is not.

P.P.S. - Before anyone tries to bolster my self-esteem, I am ok with being a techno lamebrain.  I have Aaron to do all that kind of stuff for me anyway.  I am good at other stuff.  Like putting icing on cupcakes really thick or tuning out my kids who are fistfighting on the cereal aisle at Walmart. 
7/25/2011 03:29:18 pm

My favorite picnik feature: teeth whitening. So drink that sugary sweetened tea without shame. The stained effects on your teeth won't be in printed form for years to come. (However, you might get diabetes.) No, you don't have to pay 2.25/month for it either. Already free.

Love you like fake Zoom whitened teeth,

7/26/2011 03:28:33 am

I promise I am as technologically challenged as you!! I also have had Photoshop for years and don't know how to use it. I mean, what in the heck is a layer?? And, I also love picnic! Let me know if you upgrade and think it is worth it. I just can't decide if I really need it or not.

Oh, and that picture of your boys asleep made me laugh!!

Kimberly Wilson
7/26/2011 06:08:30 am

hey Cassie! Thanks for the info on picnik because I am one of your 3 technologically-challenged friends:) Unfortunately I think I am going to have to break down and learn a little something because I can't have MacKenzie teaching me...haha! Hope y'all are doing well!

7/28/2012 01:03:14 pm

Yay google is my king helped me to find this outstanding web site! .


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