So I've always had a thing for writing lists on here.  I don't know why.  I think it's because it's more representative of my life than a coherent blog post.  It's sporadic, like my thoughts, I believe.  Plus, I'm too lazy to remember what I planned to blog about sometimes and it's an easy cop-out.  But anyway.......

1. So many things have happened since I was last blogging hardcore, and amazingly I can't remember any of them well enough to tell you about them.

2. I do know, however, that summer of last year Super G managed to fall off some monkey bars and break both arms at the same time.  He's skilled and graceful a lot like his mother.  Problem was, we were sure that the arm with the hand hanging off sideways was broken - but we weren't even thinking about the other one being broken until days later.  When he got a tiny little punishment (booty swat) for being so incredibly dramatic about his arm hurting.  The next day we went to the doctor.  Turns out we owed him an apology.  Apparently it actually did hurt.

3. It's 12:34 a.m. currently (spooky) and all of a sudden I keep hearing some eerie/squeaky sound over and over.  It could be the wind.  It could be old house.  It could be the fact that my hv/ac filters only get changed when my mother comes to visit. 

4. So for a while, before Cootie Baby got mobile, I would leave him in his bouncy seat somewhere in the house.  And when I would go check on him, neither the baby nor the seat would be there.  Turns out his siblings were dragging him all over the house when I wasn't looking.  I would find him in the bathroom, between the bed and the wall, by the front door - just where ever.  And more times than not, he would have notes on 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper taped to his head/face.  One said "give me cheese dip. now" and another said "quit feeding me milk. for more infermashon go to www . you don't know inething . com". 

5. This past May, Aaron and I both forgot about our anniversary.  The only reason we even remembered was because up in the right hand corner of Facebook it gives reminders of birthdays and events, and I just accidentally noticed that it said today-you have and anniversary with Aaron Foster. 

6. My daughter is totally a drama filled, high maintenance, twirly dress wearing little girl, but she's not exactly so much bad like she used to be.  So really I'm not sure she deserves the name Destruct-o-girl anymore.  We tend to just call her Sister or Tootie a lot now.  I have no idea why on the Tootie thing.  I think because it rhymes with Cootie (like Cootie baby) and it just seemed to stick. But once I got to thinking about it, I'm pretty certain that my mother had a first cousin that went by the name Tootie her whole life.  However, her legal name was DeVern so there's no real mystery there why she would prefer to be know to everyone as Tootie.

7. Tonight, as I sprawled on my gross old den couch listening to Christmas music on Pandora and eating off-brand oreos while watching Aaron lay back in the gross old den recliner and check email on his phone, I heard a great commotion coming from the living room where all the children were. I was very tempted to go check on it until I remembered how hard it is to rise up from the incline position at my age/weight/station in life.  So instead I just yelled, "hey! what are y'all doing in there?". "Nothing!!! nothing! NotHinG!" So I absolutely took that as truth because I was too lazy to do otherwise.  Lucky for me I could later find out because they were actually using my phone to record an entire mini-series wherein my three oldest children trap my 9 month-old baby (who has just started solids) under an overturned laundry basket, sit on top of it, and feed him oreos through the cracks.

Love you enough to not choke you to death on oreos when you were just an infant,
7/10/2016 07:44:55 pm

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2/21/2019 06:20:58 pm

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