It has been forever since I last wrote, but honestly, I've been busy and by night time when I usually sit down to write I am tired.  Today is a collection of random thought that I would use as facebook statuses, if I put ten a day up.

1. If you are anyone, but especially an adult, who feels it necessary to change your profile picture on facebook to one of you and your significant other obviously laying down naked with each other in the bed taken with your iPhone, I will have to unfriend you.  Sorry.  There are limits to what I can be expected to handle.  Seriously.  Most of us are getting some on a regular basis so I don't need you giving me a visual of yours.  The end.

2.  I in no way ever, ever, ever want this blog to become any type of political platform, but I just want to say that my mother was a poll worker today.  The stories she has to tell are disappointing at best.

3.  My boys both start big boy school next week.  Both boys.  In big school.  Until they leave me.  I have to go now since I just died talking about it.  I'm sure there will be a post about this later.

4.  There are currently four rooms of my house with ants in them and of the four rooms there are three different species.  It's ok if you think we are gross.  We aren't really.  But it's ok if you want to think that.  Ok well we kinda are but whatever.  I'm just sayin', when your exterminator just drops by to pay you an extra visit for free, you know there is a plague going on.

5.  I am trying to loose some fast pounds by not eating dinner.  I always do pretty well if I go to bed hungry.  I wonder if my body realizes that I didn't eat dinner even though I just woofed down half a container of feta cheese with a spoon in all it's weird, salty, crumbly glory?

6.  I don't mean to brag or anything, but I made some baked garlic cheese grits this weekend for a bridal brunch that were "shut the front door" good.  Recipe will probably follow before too long.  They were too yummy not to share.  Now if only I knew how to make something really delish with lobster.  Suggestions?

7.  As seen on TV products that have recently changed my life - the inStyle hair straightener, the bumpit, the kymaro body slimmer, and the big top cupcake.  Ok, I'm kidding about the cupcake one.  That's just me being a fat kid.

8.  Destruct-o-girl has got this baby alive doll that talks and jumps up and down.  Stupid Santa Claus thought that joker was a good idea, but apparently that baby is possessed.  No matter what setting it's on, it just randomly goes off.  So as I am sitting here typing in my near silent house at 12:52 a.m., I have now almost lost control of my faculties twice. 

9.  A few things I will never be able to do - a backhandspring, rollerblade, wear skinny jeans, turn down anything in which a main ingredient is crisco, figure out what all those wires are behind our tv, and get that weird smell out of my car.

10.  You know your house is awful when your six year old tells people "excuse all this mess". 
Holly Wright
8/5/2011 06:19:00 am

Just want you to know how much I look forward to reading your blog! I can soo relate to everything you say! Thanks so much for the laughs!!!
Love ya,


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