You see that tall guy with the handsome hind-end walking along with my babies?  That's the world's best husband (most days).  I love him dearly, and today is his birthday.  So in honor of his birthday, I am not going to spend much time on here today.  I am going to tell you all how much I love ya' and then get out of here. 
    If I know my man, and I think I do...., there is nothing he could want more for his birthday than for me to not spend a dime, to come home to a clean house, and to eat a delicious home cooked meal.  
    And since those three things have probably never happend on the same day before in the history of the earth, today is going to be hard for me.  I have a lot of work to do in a short time.  So wish me luck, say a little prayer, and be impressed.  Because today is a special day, I fully intend to shower at some point, even if it is just a Tuesday.

Love you like birthday cake
Kiri Parson
4/19/2011 04:50:26 am

i love your blog!! this is great!! get busy on that house, i'll say a little prayer. i know most days housework is the last thing on my mind!

Laura Crocker
4/19/2011 12:12:08 pm

You should try curling your hair like I showed you! Especially since the birthday boy went to bed early the night I did it! haha


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