So I have had intentions of blogging all day for the past two days, and all I can say is "sorry" because I've been busy with my regular life.  But here I am armed with a give away, so maybe the potential of a free cute outfit will help you forgive.  My sweet sister-in-law now has an awesome little embroidery business called Squiggle Stitch, and she makes some ca-yute stuff.  And for this give away she has teamed up with a friend who sews to bring you either a jon-jon or a jumper with applique and monogram of your choice.  So if you have any small people in your life (or if you just love me enough to win one for destruct-o-girl) then head on over to her blog and enter for your chance to win.  I promised her I would give it a plug on here this past weekend and then the whole "life in the way" business happened.  So HURRY because time to enter is OVA on Friday.  It won't take but a second and she gives you four, that's right I said 4, different ways to enter.  So seriously, why not?  You know your kid (or my kid - whatevs) would look seriously ca-yute in that stuff.  Hurry.  Go.  Click the link below.  Get busy.

Musings of a Farmer's Wife
    Next I just want to say that I am struggling a bit with the couponing thing.  I mean I really do enjoy it.  I do.  But sometimes I get discouraged when I leave the store because I want to be like the crazies on tv.  Ya know?  I want to walk out with a buggy full for 6 bucks.  I want to feel like I stole it.  You feel me?  No?  Really?  It's just me?  Anyway, I try.  I actually have started dedicating quite a bit of time each week to get my coupons and list ready, and I only really wheel and deal at CVS.  Well, I do occasionally go to Kroger when I get itchin' to go to the big city.... but generally I CVS it or maybe do a little ad matching at the Walmart.  (I mean I still spend a ridonculous amount of money at Walmart, I just coupon at CVS)  Anyway, I went today (with all 3 kids.  forgot about how I will miss school for that reason) and got the following:
4 cases of coke products, 3 cans pringles, 2 pack oral-B toothbrushes, 1 box Q-tips, 1 pack Stride gum, 3 hershey bars, 1 Revlon nail polish, 2 bottles coppertone continuous spray sunscreen, 1 green bag tag, a 4-pack energizer lithium AA batteries, 1 Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, 36-count playtex tampons, and 1 edge shaving cream
Grand Total - $43.40 with $15 extra care bucks (so $28.40 if you look at it that way)
    See, it just doesn't sound like some fabulous deal.  I can't walk away feeling like a bad maama jaama spending $43 (even if in reality it actually was great for the regular cost of the stuff I bought.  have you priced sunscreen lately?!).  However, I was looking at my receipt this afternoon and did notice where it had my CVS spending for the year 2011.  I have so far dropped $405.76 this year, and according to their calculations I have saved $595.82.  So there.  I feel better now.  Yeah. Yeah. Stick it to the man.  Ba-ba-ba-booya.  
    Ok, it's possible that typing that just made me feel like my awesomeness level was rising.  Sorry for that embarrasing little episode.  Anyways, I believe my main problem saving money is that I can't stop buying things.  (insert the obvious - "well duh")  You know how the point of couponing is to stock up on something on sale and then don't buy any more until it's on sale again?  Well I have trouble saying no to a bargain, so currently I am hoarding 6 bottle of laundry detergent, a drawer of toothpaste, and enough sticks of deoderant for a small african village.  Let's not even talk about the body wash.  I know it's an issue.  I know.  But please tell me how I am supposed to turn down $.60 bottles of body wash.  Really?  Walk away from that?  So maybe while I am honing my coupon skills I can work on my restraint.  It will be like how I restrain from eating cheese dip out of the jar with my finger and icing out of the can with a spoon.  Um...............yeah.  We'll see how that works out.

Hope your pits smell as good as ours,
Christy Carter
5/25/2011 08:52:02 pm

You are sooo funny! I love your blog!

Le Labon Fife
5/27/2011 11:29:22 am

I really look forward to reading your blog. U are so funny! Keep it up!

5/27/2011 01:11:36 pm

Thanks for doing the giveaway! :)

Don't feel like you have to walk away with a basketfull for $6. Supposedly they're cheating on the show...that's what I've heard anyway. Not sure if it's true or not. But you can only use so many coupons in one transaction and the stores are letting them do it for the publicity. Either way - even THEY say on the shows that they usually do a bunch of small trips because 1 HUGE trip takes weeks of planning and knowing the sales ahead of time so you can order more coupons. If you get lazy enough, you can always use a coupon clipping service so you can get 25 bottles of laundry detergent at one time. ;)

10/6/2011 12:15:04 pm

Lightweight. If you were really tough, you'd lick the icing directly, no spoon to taint the ambrosia that truly is icing.

Anyway, love your writing style, very amusing!


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