At first I thought that I would start this blog and seven or eight people would read it.  Turns out there are a few more than that (My biggest day so far has been 404.  Talk about an egomaniacal episode.  Aaron was sick of me that night)  And while I'm sure I have met four hundred people in my life, I'm pretty sure they are not all reading this blog, which means that there are many of you reading who have not actually had the um..... pleasure of meeting me in person.  So I decided that tonight I would give you all a look into the real me.  A glimpse of what lies beneath (beneath the jarred cheese dip and double stuffed oreos that is) to my true self, my inner psyche.  Be scared.  Be very afraid. 

I kid.

    I'm really not telling you anything that deep at all.  But I came home wanting to get on here and feel sorry for myself because my husband got roped into working 14 hours today with no lunch break and had to miss the boys' last baseball game, at which Destruct-o-girl acted awful and caused me to almost cry in front of Jesus and everybody.  But then, after careful consideration, I decided that I might feel better if I just get over it.  I know a lot of people with a lot worse than that going on right now, and tonight I feel emotionally equipped to just get over it.  Plus I can only go on about that kind of stuff for so long on here before ya'll are sick of it.  So there.  Done with it.  Consider this to be "it".  And I am over here.  Over it.  So now, back to the earth shattering details of what make me, welp, me.

1.  I love double stuffed oreos. (I also look like a double stuffed oreo, but that is another topic for another day), but I only really enjoy eating them after I have removed a chocolate wafer off of one side from two cookies.  Then I squish the two creamy ones together and eat a quadrouple stuffed oreo.  Judge me.  I don't care.

2.  In most ways I am so happy with my life.  Pretty much mostly perfect husband, healthy children, full life, Christian family and home, and a smattering of lovely followers on my blog :-)  But sometimes I just feel like I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing.  Does that make any sense to anyone besides me?  I don't mean like I don't know how to cook or drive or whatever.  I mean that one day my children are all going to be in school and then eventually grow up and leave me (I die every time I think of it), and I feel like I don't know what I'm supposed to do then.  I have no real career laid out in terms of my education (I didn't go to medical school like my daddy begged me to) and I have no goals or plans or paths set in front of me.  I really feel jealous sometimes of the people who know what it is they are after, even if they don't have it yet.  So what I guess I am trying to say is, I am a girl with no plan for "me" and I would like to have one some day. 

3.  One time, when I was a child, we had a skunk in our oven.  We did not put it in there. 

4.  I am not an animal lover.  I think it's awesome if you are, but I am not.  There are already too many things around here that need to be fed, watered, cleaned up after, and babysat.  I am worn out enough with that and I gave birth to most of those things.  Plus I have a few random, weird, sporadic germ issues and touching something that sheds and just licked it's own anus is one of them. 

5.  WARNING - this one is gross.  I am a picker.  I won't do it on just anyone, but if we are related or are close friends, I would like nothing more than to dig out your splinter or pop your zit or cut out your ingrown tonail.  Sorry.  Told you it was gross.

6.  I have only been to Disney World for one day.  It was MGM Studios at the time, and we did all that we could fit in in those few hours.  Deprived I tell ya'. 

7.  There was a time in my life when I knew very well how to drive a tractor, and I'm pretty sure that with just a few minutes of refresher I could jump right back in there.  One perk of being a farmer's daughter.  Another is all the cool country music songs that you can adopt as your own theme song. (She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy was what all the boys sang for me in college)  (I was skinnier then)

8.  I feel like I am a very creative person.  This is very different, however, from being artistic.  I am devoid of even the smallest of art talent.  You need a good idea, you come to me.  You need a drawing of a stick figure that actually resembles a stick figure - I am not your girl.

9.  I am the oldest (and smartest and best looking and awesomest and coolest) of four children.  They are very lucky to have me tell them exactly how to make every single move of their lives. 

10.  I wish I liked to garden and work in my yard because I actually would like a pretty yard, but alas - I do not.  The thought of pulling weeds makes me want to do anything else.  Even laundry.  My mother-in-law keeps telling me that it comes with age, so here's hoping I get better at it over the next few birthdays.

11.  And speaking of laundry, no matter how much I try to avoid it, some of my laundry still smells a little mildewy.  I try not to forget it in the washer but I totally do sometimes.  Plus, I'm blaming my front loading washer too.  Anyone else have that problem?  I really think it does get mildewy faster in there than in my old, sad, washer-you-get-when-you-first-get-married one.

12.  I know nothing - I repeat - nothing about makeup and hair.  I seriously have one look.  For eve.ry.thing.  People try to help me.  To teach me things.  It's no use.  I will forever be that sad girl who looks the same at the ballpark and at church and on dates and at parties and in Walmart.

13.  I think my husband is the cat's meow.  (have I mentioned that before?  I can't remember.)

And since I am in no way superstitious, I have no trouble ending on number thirteen.  The end

6/14/2011 03:19:35 pm

I find it very amusing that of all the very witty, amusing, domestic goddess-y things you just said, I'm commenting on mildew. However, I actually know this one (and don't ask me how...I have a "friend") So getting (even older) mildew smells to go away is not that hard, actually: You add white vinegar to the soak cycle. If you're really forgetful and/or lazy, you can put it in at the beginning or in the fabric softener cup. It seems to still work. You won't smell the vinegar on the clothes when they've come out of the dryer. And your kids won't smell like mildew when their body heat hits the clothes. Try it.

6/14/2011 03:21:16 pm

I just said amusing twice in the first sentence. And I don't really say amusing alot to begin with. Amusing...and a little embarrassing...

6/14/2011 03:29:34 pm

I loved #3. It flowed so nicely after #2. :D

Washer mildewy problem: Our washer repair guy sold us some Affresh Washer Cleaner tablets. I think it was around $30 for 3 tablets, but it fixed it right up. Also he said using too much detergent (especially non-HE detergent) contributes to the problem. He was appalled when I told him I coated most of the kids' clothing in Spray-N-Wash to pre-treat the spills.

Sherry Ellis
6/14/2011 03:29:39 pm

Cassie I enjoy reading your blogs, even though we are miles away i can keep up with what you have been up too or

6/14/2011 03:41:50 pm

I saw Courtney's comment after I added mine. I had tried the white vinegar first and it helped a little but didn't completely solve our problem. (Possibly due to the continued copious use of Spray-N-Wash.) Definitely try that first, though - it's a lot cheaper!

Melissa S
6/14/2011 03:48:28 pm

404 really? You know that makes you kind of famous :) Can I have your autograph?

Also I know you are gonna think I'm crazy but go to the dollar tree and get you some Awesome and put one scoop in your mildewy clothes. Trust me I do it all of the time. That Awesome (for a $1 mind you) really works.

Aunt Joy
6/14/2011 11:38:58 pm

Cass, never ever use the liquid HE detergent. It has animal fat in it and you can see the build up around the rubber seal. Gross really gross. The vinegar is only temporary and the store bought stuff is a bandaid. I know this because it took me months going on blogs to figure it out. Start by cleaning the rubber seal inside real good. Then use the powdered HE detergent, i.e. Gain or Tide and never use any fabric softners in the washing maching, on dryer sheets if you must. Now here is the biggy ----- leave the door slightly open at night to evaporate any moister from the drum. And remember that after seven years of owning a front load washer ----- I still wish I didn't. The top loads have improved so much, size of the loads and energy and efficency. Now there you have my 2 cents (maybe a buck fifty). Love you.

Michelle Glenn
6/15/2011 01:55:07 am

I've had my front load washer for about 3 years and have never had the mildew smell. But I started on day 1 to leave the door open overnight to let it dry. Then I shut it the next day.

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