Fact:  Fat girls like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Fact.:  If your deadbolt on your backdoor was previously broken, and if during that time your small daughter figured out how to unlock the doorknob and let herself outside, and if you installed a chain at the top of the door to keep your daughter in, and if said chain was screwed into relatively new door casing trim that you installed onto sheetrock, and if said chain was on the door without your husband's knowledge when he was coming in with an armload of McDonalds after a long night of trick-or-treating, the results could be disasterous (including but not limited to ripping the trim right out of the wall, face nearly slamming into door, and food and drinks being at high risk for going everywhere)

Fact: If your husband rips the door facing out of the wall after a long night of Trick-or-treating and standing in an enormous line at McDonalds on halloween night, his mood will be foul.

Fact: I love my mechanic, pool guy, and HVAC man.  We've had to drop a lot of dough this week, and I must say, it helps if you like the people you're forking all the money over to.  Mine are seriously the best.  Ever.  Ever.  I told my mechanic this morning that I was going to kiss him on the face.  I would have too except it would have been akward to crawl over the parts counter.

Fact:  Satan invented laundry.  Think about it.

Fact:  All the teachers at my son's school think we are abusive parents because Super-G got in a little trouble today and had the come-apart of the century that included a lot of hysterical screaming.  "Don't call my mama!  My daddy is gonna kill me! My daddy is gonna kill me!"  Nice to know we've got our bluff in on him up to this point at least, I guess. 

Fact:  We are not abusive parents.

Fact: Black bears are better than brown bears.  (who am I quoting here?  hint - my favorite show ever)

Fact:  The entire Kardashian family could fall off the face of the planet and I'm pretty sure society would actually take a step forward.

Fact:  Mitchell Muso got a DUI yesterday.  Justin Beiber may or may not have knocked up some 19 year old, nasty looking fan at a concert.  Seriously though...........  What are we doing people?  Why do we love these folks?

Fact:  I am cooking 24 pounds of Italian beef for dinner.  My house is smellin' right.

Fact:   Turnanator has just learned all the books of the Old Testament and is totally obsessed with reciting them.  It's a touch annoying but awesome at the same time.  I still get twisted up on the minor prophets some times.  Plus there's a lot worse things to be obsessed with than the books of the Bible, and for that I am super proud of him!

Fact:  I've got to go get busy.  These kids aren't going to dress themselves. (or clean this house or finish this food or change that diaper either)

Love you like 24 pounds of beef,
11/2/2011 03:35:04 pm

DWIGHT!!! I was really worried about theshow when Michael left...but I really think its even funnier now!

11/2/2011 11:12:26 pm

Turner starts reciting his books of the Bible as soon as he sits down inBible class. I literally have to tell him to stop so we can have a Bible lesson. I did let him eventually say them all and he got a new leaf on his memory verse tree. He totally freaked out when I tried to congratulate him outside of class onSunday, but evidently it's alright to talk to me in class on Wednesday. Seriously, his competitive spirit is a good motivator for the other students. And he used the line "please don't tell' after some little boys may or may not have been acting like chickens while the teacher was talking about Moses.

11/3/2011 05:47:05 am

I love that Turnanator....and SuperG.....and DestructoGirl.

11/5/2011 08:05:47 am

Love me some dwight!

7/28/2012 04:34:52 am

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