It's totally fine, and many of you may do it.  But I just have this thing about writing more than one Facebook status per day.  I just feel like it is more information than many of you want to know.  Especially since my life is quazi lame and it would be the exact same stuff over and over.  So today, I decided that I will put down statuses (what is the plural of status?  statuses? statusi?) as I think of them, and only the people who actually care enough to come to my blog will read them. 

1. If you have to have a plus sized string bikini, then you probably shouldn't be wearing a  string bikini.  Unless it's in the privacy of your own back yard.  And there is a fence.  And no chance of neighbors stopping by.  And no one is visiting.  Then maybe it's ok.  (just thought of this while perusing the swim suits at Dirt Cheap).  Then again - to each her own I guess.

2. At their ballgame last night, Super G hit a single, two homeruns, and a triple and Turnanator hit three solid hits that got him to first but that should have gotten him to second or third.  He just gets to first and gets too nervous to run because everyone is yelling.  That's just my boy.  We are just totally pumped he is playing and not crying before every game anymore!

3.  There are currently two teenage boys from church outside mowing and cleaning up my yard.  They were going door to door looking for work, and you know I am all about cheap labor!  Love those kids!

4.  Destruct-o-girl has been in no less than three toilets today.  It's 2:07 in the afternoon as I type this.

5.  Have any of you ever actually watched Bakugans on tv?  Or Pokeman?  Or Dragonball Z?  Or Beyblades?  Or any other Japanese/anime whatever-they-are shows?  Seriously.  I would rather be hooked up to a Yo Gabba Gabba IV for a week then to have to watch any of those shows for an hour.  If you have any idea what I am talking about then I am sorry.

6.  I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but if you have 3 stickers on the back of your car to tell me your child is a cheerleader,  it's too many.  One is ok.  We all want to show pride in our kids.  (see #2 above)  Two is tolerable.  But three per child is too many.  And I'm not actually limiting this to cheerleading.  It's too many if your child plays baseball, swims, goes to college, does ballroom dancing, or is an underwater welder.  I'm sorry.  Three is overkill.

7.  I believe I am giving up on sorting laundry.  I hate laundry.  I loath laundry.  I wish laundry would die.  But since it won't and I am not a fan of walking around completely naked (your welcome), I have decided that the easiest thing is to pretend I am a freshman in college again.  Skip a step.  Just take every dirty thing and shove it in there a pile at a time, in no way taking into consideration that one thing is a sweaty, dirty t-shirt and another is a sweater vest for church and yet another is a swim suit.  I mean if I wash it all on cold then it will be ok right?  Right?  I really hope my mother is not reading this one. 

8. Can someone explain to me why I just drove by the park and saw a portly thirty-something man with balding hair and a ponytail sitting all alone in the top of the kids town playground?  Ummm......add that to the list of  reasons "public" places make me uncomfortable. (besides all those episodes of Criminal Minds)  The weird old guy sitting alone in the spaceship tower.

9.  At the risk of sounding redundant from last night's FB post.  Wow.  New carpet has really opened my eyes to what a completely filth ridden place this home is. 

10.  Dear naptime.  Thanks for existing.
6/3/2011 07:56:19 am

Don't worry Cassie, I decided long ago to stop sorting my laundry. Everything has come out okay so far. I do wash is all on cold, but I always do anyway! :)

Aunt Joy
6/3/2011 08:03:53 am

Believe it or not I have made it through at least one whole episode of each of the television shows listed. It did me in, but I made it. Amazing the money they make on marketing the toys with it.

Love you .

6/3/2011 11:02:20 am

Thanks for blogging. Every point you make, I find myself nodding aggressively. Forgot about the toddler/toilet attraction til I was babysitting my niece the other day-twice in the 45 min. she was at my house. :)


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