Here are a bunch of photos that you may or may not care about, highlighting things going on around here this week.
 Ba-ba-ba-booya!  Yep.  I finally got to do my CVSin', and let me tell ya' - it all about the ECB's baby.  So I actually did two transactions, the first of which was good but not exciting.  But then the second transaction - *scream*jump*happy dance*call somebody*put it on the blog to show off*yay*.  I got a Gillette Fusion Pro Glide razor, 5 bottles of Dawn dish soap, a bottle of Gain, 1 tube of Crest Pro-Health toothpaste, and 2 tubes of Covergirl Naturelux lip gloss for (drumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumrolldrumroll)
                                                                         um jealous

I know it's hard to tell what this is, but it's my classroom at VBS.  My lesson was on Jesus and Peter walking on the water, so my room was complete with a boat, silhouettes, clouds, rain, thunderstorm noises, wind, and all glow in the dark.  It was a pain to put up and take down, but the kids seemed to really love it when they came to class.  So - totally worth it!  And I was lucky enough to have Ms. Molly, the best VBS helper and actual schedule follower in the world!  It was a great week.

This is destruct-o-girl in her car seat as we were leaving the church building yesterday.  She was already exhausted by the end of the week and then it took over two hours to get my room cleaned up.  So by that point she was a tired, hungry, ill, mad, little woman.  As you can see, one side of the pigtails was long gone, the shoe was in the process of being ripped off.  Her brand spankin' new just took off the tags that day Mudpie outfit had tootsie pop sucker that she stole from her brother's bag all over it, and she was screaming as if she was posessed by an actual demon.  I have no idea why I felt compelled to take a picture of this.  I just did.  Stellar parenting in action I guess.

This is a picture of me with my children, crashing on our couch watching Disney channel after a long week.  I am quite fond of these people.  Quite.

6/12/2011 12:59:17 pm

Love the pic of u and kids! Precious!


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