So I have had grand plans of sitting down and blogging something cute and genius all day.  Well for two days actually.  But every time I think I'm going to have a minute something happens, like Destruct-o-girl wakes up early from her nap, or the insulation guy comes by to give me a quote, or I get hungry and eat leftover chili and leaf shaped cookies covered in icing.  See what I'm saying?  I'm like swamped over here.  Then I planned on typing something deep and moving tonight.  But then Aaron walked in and said, "let's stay up and watch the CMAs since you recorded it".  Well ok.  So the point is - I'm not putting much on here tonight.  However, I do feel really convicted about what I'm about to say - so listen up.  Or don't.  I'm not there to watch you, so I guess it doesn't matter either way.

    I joined Junior Auxillary this year here in our town, and to be honest with you I was nervous about it.  I don't know why.  I have weird social disorders that cause me to sweat profusely and twitch when I am in a large group of women.  I was freaked out by the fact that this is a small town and most of these women grew up together and have been friends since they were like six days old and saw each other's childhood bedrooms at sleepovers and are still friends that hang out on the weekends.  I knew like three of them, so after the first meeting I left thinking that we were going to have to move so I could get out of it without having to quit for no reason, because  I was having an anxiety attack over it all.  But I decided to actually give it a chance and it turns out, I'm a completely dramatic dork with some deep rooted issues left over from high school's complex social order and it's impact on me as an unathletic, plump, overachiever.  Being in Junior Auxillary is not bad at all.  In fact, it has turned out to be a really great way to meet a lot of really nice women and work for a super worth cause.  (wow, that was a lot of adjectives and adverbs and superlative type words in one sentence)  And the cause is what I wanted to talk about tonight. (not the sweating disorder.  I don't now how I ended up there.  Anyways.....)

    On Monday night, we put up our Angel Tree.  I'm sure most of you know what that is because there are so many progams just like it all over the country.  But in case you don't, Angel Tree is a program through which Junior Auxillary selects (with help from referals) children in our county that may be in need and matches them with people who would love to help.  We put together the list, place each child's information on an "angel" ornament, and hang them on a tree in our Walmart and one of our local banks.  People come and pick an angel off the tree, shop for him or her, and deliver the presents to the building where we will distribute them.  I have seen this tree so many times before, and can I honestly tell you that it has never seriously crossed my mind to even put forth the effort to walk across the front of the store and pick one up to read?  Well this week I had my first introduction to some of these kids and their wish lists.

__________ is a 3 year old girl.  She wears size (bla bla bla).  She would like a doll and some doll clothes for Christmas but what she really needs is panties and socks and shoes.

    When I read this, the only thought I had was "seriously, my children can't even come up with a list for Santa because they have so much stuff, and this little girl needs panties and socks".  Panties and  socks.  Does that give you any type of perspective about some of these kids and their needs?  The more angels I read, the more I wanted to take them all.  Obviously I can't do that, but I can get on here and encourage you to pick one off the tree the next time you go to Walmart.  So that's what I'm doing tonight.  I'm pleading with you to get an angel from the tree.  And if you don't live here in my town (which many of you don't) then just pick a cause - any cause.  We all know there are tons of worthy ones available especially during the holiday season.  Get involved.  Go shopping for a kid in need and take your kids - I hope it does mine a lot of good to shop for someone besides themselves for a change.  Donate to or work at a food pantry.  Our church has one and it is astounding to me the amount of hungry people here in my own town.  Do something!  It's good for them and it's even better for you!!  

    I know it's easy to get caught up in your busy schedules and family meals and Santa shopping and cheer spreading and hall decking this time of year, but if you make time for nothing else extra - please make time for a child in need.  No matter what the circumstances are in that child's life that bring him or her to you, it is never his or her fault that they need help.  So be that someone.   Make a difference this year!

Love ya' because you are all downright awesome,