If I was a person who used explicatives, I would be screaming them right now.  I just spent over an hour typing a long, heartfelt, candid entry, and as I was reading over it one last time before I published it, my computer just shut itself down without warning to configure new Windows updates.  I have never even seen it do that before.  And so every bit of it was lost.  Every.bit.of.it.  Gahhh.  I am seriously so mad right now that if I wasn't full well aware of the financial consequences later, I would totally throw this stupid computer on the floor and stomp on it.  And yell at it.  And let Destruct-o-girl play with it.  Stupid computer.

    So instead of my good post that I thought might actually be enjoyed and generate some comments from some of you, let me just take this moment to apologize.  Many of you have left comments that are sweet and encouraging, or funny or helpful, and some of you have left comments that imply they require a reply.  I would love to reply to all of you.  I would love to make new friends and catch up with old friends on here, but alas, I am too computer ignorant.  I honestly cannot figure out how to post a comment on my own stinkin' blog.  So if any of you know how to do it, would you please contact me at 1-800-IGNORAMOUS and let me know?  Thanks a million.  And if you do not know how to teach me then please just be patient with me and don't leave me for someone else who also has a blog about being a disasterous mess.  Please?  'Preciate it.

Stupid computer.....
Brenda Sparks
6/29/2011 08:24:05 pm

Cassie your computer has a specific time that it updates everyday..you can change the time to whatever time you want it to do that....Go to START in bottom left corner..Control Panel.. then System..click automatic updates..then click Automatic.. it gives you choices.. just pick what is best for yours...Holler if you need help!

6/30/2011 08:07:38 am

I love your blog, enjoying reading everyone of them. We don't get to spend much time together so this is great. Love hearing about you, husband & kids. Love U, Margaret !!!!

Courtney Fair
6/30/2011 09:31:10 pm

You're not going to believe this, seriously. I typed a whole response to this post YESTERDAY and right before I hit submit, guess what? COMPUTER SHUT DOWN. N JOKE. You can't make this stuff up. Anywho, I was saying something to the effect of: We have the same problem with people dressed up. Disney World is my Annsleigh's mecca of terror. She's SIX. It stems from a bad experience at her 3rd B-day party. She had a Wizard of Oz party and one of our youth had dressed up like the Scarecrow. As he came into the room, he tripped over the threshold and went sprawling into the room off-balance with arms flailing. WIDESPREAD PANIC, three year old style. You've never seen kids scatter and scream like that. Parents were being climbed like trees. Some mom's unfortunately had wardrobe malfunctions and were almost disrobed. It had to have set some type of decibel level record. So since then, we can't go ANYWHERE without her wanting to know if someone is going to be dressed up there. We went to Chic-fil-a once when the cow was there handing out coupons...now everytime we're driving back to Iuka, she asks when we're getting in the car to leave, "Are we stopping at chic-fil-a? PLEASE don't make us stop there." Occasionally, she begins to pray out loud that God will help mom and dad not to want to stop there. Really?! For cryin' out loud...literally. Anyway, the ONLY thing that has helped her is this: A guy at our church dresses up like a clown sometimes for children's church. The terror. So he got this idea to let her help him get ready. He let's her pick out the pieces of his costume, put them on him, spray paint his beard, and put on his wig. We have also gotten to do this with the Easter Bunny and the Winona Tiger mascot. As long as she can SEE who's under there (and she MUST be allowed to escort them wherever they're going so she can know for sure it's still them under there that she's seeing when they perform) then she can tolerate it. But she has this thing about having to "know who's face is up under there." She can't help them dress then see them at the even later; she has to KNOW it's the person that she helped get ready. Of course we won't always be able to do this with every dressed up person, but it's a start. Maybe if this turns into a phobia for destruct-o girl, you could ask for a friend's help to do that a few times and see if it helps. ha!

7/28/2012 05:33:42 am

Respect to site author , some amazing entropy.


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